Friday, May 31, 2013

A Review by Sky: For the Love of a God by Rosanna Leo

For the Love of a God (Greek God, #1)I have always been fascinated with the studies of mythology, especially Greek! I find it so compelling to discover books such as this one; which let you live fictionally and vicariously in the eyes of a modern day girl who experiences every geek-girls dream!  
I have to start off by saying, Rosanna Leo certainly is charming, and it shines through her writing radiantly! Her characters are full of SO much life, and the dialogue between characters will have you in giggling fits. And I know I am not the first to say, but I undoubtedly identified with Maia, (our lead character) and that bond/connection is one of the best affairs for a reader to experience. She’s pretty awkward, but she’s deeply passionate about the things and people she keeps close, has her own sense of style of clothing choice and not a care what people think of it, and just so much more, I adore her!
Maia works as a conservator and expert in the Ancient Greek department of a Museum she grew up in as her father had worked there. Ever since she was five years old, she had a strange infatuation for a particular statue, her favorite piece which began her peculiar crush on the mythical Greek God of love, Eryx.  She even swore it would wink at her at times and found herself speaking to the statue as if it were an actual person. Maia grows up to be an intelligent and devoted woman, a true expert on everything Greek. The story takes an interesting turn for Maia when the new Museum director, Lord Eric, arrives and has a striking semblance to the man of her dreams. (Literally)
She thinks she must be going crazy, it couldn’t possibly be him. He’s only myth…right? As soon as he arrives, the department is being turned upside down, and layoffs are happening left and right. Maia fears she may be next, but Lord Eric begins to act strange around her. Almost as if this insanely gorgeous man… was attracted to her? Maia feels like she really must be going insane.  She’s so clouded by her insecurities she can’t comprehend the fantasy becoming reality, and as we find out Lord Eric can’t even explain why he’s so drawn to her.  He proves to her his identity and romance buds right before our eyes, but when we the reader least expect it, the plot really thickens.
A sick and deranged Goddess has it out for Eryx, beholding an ancient grudge. She will do whatever it takes to separate the lovers to leave Eryx’s heart in shambles forever. The thrill is edge-of-your-seat intense, leaving you rooting and praying for everything to turn out alright between the star-crossed lovers.
As a lover of mythology and romantic affairs, Leo did not disappoint. It’s everything I imagined for a modern day woman who lives with her head in the clouds, who ever had a wish for something she so desired to come true. Oh, if only we could all have our own Greek God.  
I really rather not spoil the greatness of this book, so the cryptic last paragraph will just have to do for you till you read it! Believe me when I tell you, fellow mythology nerds, if you love romance with spice and lore, this charismatic book is something you do NOT want to miss.

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy! :D


  1. Thanks so much for this lovely review, Sky!

  2. I so can't wait to read this....will add to my TR list

    1. Thank you Sunshine Kath! I hope you enjoy it lots!