Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review : The Colour Wielders by Dawna Raver

I enjoyed the Hell out of this book!!!! It's so much fun, I love the concept of it. Fantasy mixed with romance and some mystery.... Epic Win for me, I know a lot of others out there who will like this as well.
Colour Wielders (Heirs of the Magykal Realm, #1)

Starts out with the heroine Quinn “losing it” to a man she thinks she's in love with named Thaene on her birthday. Poor girl never knew what hit her. Turns out Thaene is a “Changeling” A gross practically faceless looking creature who can morph himself to look like anyone/anything. He's trying to awaken Quinns Magyk that resides within her. Quinn has no idea what's going on, two minutes ago all she knew was that she's just a mortal girl losing her virginity to a guy she thought she loved/was in love with her. Now he's holding a knife to her throat, calling her princess, and demanding she show him her Magyk so they can go free some guy named Moincata and live out their days together for eternity.. Meanwhile a mysterious NFL size man materializes in the room all dressed in medieval garb holding a broadsword and tells Thaene to let go of his daughter..

That's a hell of a prelude to a story dont'cha think? :)

So you have the hunky Hero of the book Arik, son of Týr- God of War, and nephew to Loki - God of Mischief. He's a bit of an outcast in the Magykal Realm, used to be Adviser to the King, but after an incident he left and has yet to declare his allegiance. He's walking a fine line between light and dark Magyk. People are talking as to whether he'll follow in his mothers steps and embrace the Dubh Magyk (Dark) or stick to Soluis Magyk (light).. Altho he has this side to him that helps the Bizarrelings, ran the High Kings brother Kaelin. A Bizarreling is a Magykal who has been banned from living in the Magykal Realm. You'll read about why they're banned..

So why's this hunky bad boy who's putting on a show that he's going dark helping them? He doesn't have me fooled.. =)

Thru the first part of the book you have a lot of information being given to you to help create the history and world building for Flaitheas Draíochta (Magykal Realm) and all of the Magykals. Which by the way she does an excellent job at doing. As I was reading it I could play it in my head like a movie. And it was so beautiful! I love anything that has to do with Fantasy.

I loved the battle scenes, the relationship that Quinn and her brother Iain have (hope to see more of him in the next book, especially after his awakening), and the chemistry that Arik and Quinn have with each other. He fights the feelings he has for her so hard in the beginning, but love conquers all. The half Druid in him made sure of that ha! Cannot wait to see what happens next from the suspenseful ending we had with Morgana, Arik and Quinn!!! Just wait for Quinn's awakening, I know she'll be one powerful Magykal..

5 Stars!

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