Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review by Krystle : Raphael (Vampires in America #1) by D.B. Reynolds

Really liked this story, was a quick and easy read. Stayed up till 4 in the morning trying to finish it but alas, sleep won :( . With only 16% left to go I finished it as soon as I woke up 4 and a half hours later.... Yeah so it was pretty good haha!

Raphael (Vampires in America, #1)

Raphael is the Vampire Lord of this region (Malibu area).. Kind of funny when you think of a vampire living in a beach type setting, loved that.. Someone near and dear was taken from him, right out of his own house by one of his own people while he was away on business. Since he has both a vampire and human armada as his disposal he figures he would hire a human P.I. named Cynthia (Cyn) from the area to get her point of view on what she thinks the humans would do with the victim.

As the investigation goes on they fall for each other, but she's under the impression that the person she's hired to find means more to Raphael in a more “serious manner”. Which isn't the case, but she finds out at the very end of the book that his feelings/attraction for her are more than physical. Needless to say we don't quite get a very HEA, but it's a series so I'll definitely keep reading! Especially since a lot of people I talk to on GoodReads loves it! :)

I thought it was neat how they explained that all of Raphaels “Children” are connected to their makers. Meaning that their wills are his command, and so on... And that Cyn was a no nonsense kind of girl who can most definitely take care of herself and call people out when they're being assholes (you'll see what I mean =P )!

4 Stars !!

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