Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Booknatic Review: Initiate by Nulli Para Ora


Description: On the surface, the kingdom of Minra appears idyllic, steeped in peace and prosperity. This peace comes at a price. The villages of the kingdom offer up Initiates—individuals who vie for the chance to be selected as the King’s Companion—to preserve the kingdom. Initiate and Companion are the most honored and coveted roles in all the land, for Companions nourish Minra’s monarch with their life force until they die, allowing their wise king to survive for generations.

Under Ritual Trainers bound in service to the king, Initiates are selected and brought to the palace to fulfill their duty. All Initiates greet this opportunity with happiness and reverence.

Almost all. One Initiate forsakes time-honored traditions in favor of self-preservation.

Is this forfeiture of life a worthy trade—or even necessary—for the good of the kingdom? In the battle for superiority, can love survive and overthrow generations of sacrifice and tradition?
Sky's thoughts: Oh man, I think I chewed a hole through my lip. This. Book. Was. HOT! I am just sorry that I didn’t read this sooner. I still remember when she got this story published and revealed the cover for this book. We were all immediately in love with it! The silliest thing is that, ever since that day, when ever I talk to Nulli, I imagine her wearing this beautiful blue hood, LOL.
Nulli Para Ora has delivered an exceptional and unique paranormal romance that will grip the reader in from start to finish. Nulli also has a an excellent talent for stringing together a charming narration and dialogue amongst the characters; capturing a readers heart.
The characters and their development and the relationships that form between each other are certainly remarkable.

Ashland for example is the brilliant and feisty female protagonist that I am always wishing to find in a good read. She’s the black sheep in her village of Minra, a place where people practically throw themselves at the opportunity to be an initiate—royal companions who feed their energy to their cursed King— I admire her for her compassion and capacity to stand up and fight for what she believes in.

Ashland is in for a surprise once she gets to know the king and everything behind the truth of his curse and the reasoning’s on the technique to sustain himself to rule their land Not only that, but his motives to better their land. She learns to respect the king.  But what will become of this trust? We come to a shocking end, but a satisfied one at that.

Then we have sexy Cirian, who is the mysterious Ritual Master –basically the kings second hand man—who is the one to have chosen Ashland as one of the initiates.  After being loyal to the king for so many years, his heart is finally at risk for falling for the brave Ashland. And he wants her as his own. Will he be willing to risk his high rank in the Kings order for the claim of this woman?

Though, Cirian and Ashland did not get along with each other at all in the beginning. I absolutely love a relationship that starts off in rough patch, and at the risk of sounding like the hopeless romantic most of you know I can be………such hardships show that love can concur all! I love watching characters grow and learning to fall into the arms of the one they are destined to be with.

I also appreciated the beautifully written naughty scenes. They were not vulgar in any form. The sexy scenes, I felt, were poetic while still managing that steamy angst we all desire between two appealing characters.
The author captures everything a story needs and more in such a tight capacity in the form of a novella. I was astonished! There are no loose ends, so this book will not leave you questioning anything other than, “Oh my Gods, can we please have more Cirian?”
Krystle's thoughts: This was my first “Nulli Read” and I enjoyed it very much! As soon as I saw the cover with her beautiful peek-a-boo hood, determined eyes, and that extremely ornate castle in the background, it instantly went on my to read list!

Set in a time where the Kingdom of Minra is protected by the duty of the Initiates ( townsfolk who willingly offer themselves for the chance of being the kings next companion for a ritual of keeping him...alive). They are chosen by the Ritual Trainers and then escorted from the only life they've ever known to their new home within the palace walls. There they will then begin their training, and only one will be a chosen companion.

Ashland was the perfect heroine for this setting, not afraid to speak her mind since she absolutely wants nothing to do with this whole process. I couldn't blame her, I wouldn't want to be put out on display like cattle for the slaughter either! Having her parents behind her telling her it's of great privilege to serve the king this way even though they know it could be the last time they see their daughter. That had to be hard, I couldn't imagine standing outside my house with a proud look on my face and my flesh and blood standing out there on display!!

While the Ritual Trainers were choosing the Initiates one of them was standing in the back keeping a low profile. Hooded face, dark, mysterious.. Cirian, their lead instructor and Ritual Master.. He stepped forward and chose Ashland at the last minute. Soon as all of their goodbyes were in order, they made their way to the palace.

I love the bickering that Ash and Cirian have back and forth with each other at the palace once lessons/training began. You can tell he's a professional with his duties and has a lot of pride serving his King, but also that he's just about at his breaking point with trying to hold his growing feelings he is having towards her in check. After they have a few go arounds with each other, they both break and give in to what they're obviously feeling. Then the author makes you feel what they feel. I hated to think that she is still up for being named the kings next companion and the likeliness of her being taken away from Cirian is still very possible.

How can you still function as Ritual Master? You come to my bed at night, and you dig my grave during the day.” - Ashland

Cirian comes up with the idea to try and convince King Kendrick that this particular initiate doesn't want to fulfill her duty to try and prevent her being taken away from him, naturally the king takes a sudden interest in her. Especially since this would be the first time in history that someone would object this way of life.

A reminder that home doesn't always have to be a place. It can be a person too” - Cirian.

Here's where I was saying to myself, “Uh-Oh, what have you done now C.. You've peaked the King's interest in this beautiful woman who's not afraid to speak her mind. Something that can be refreshing to the King since I'm sure he's all used to is everyone agreeing blindly to anything he says/wishes.”

All in all, I enjoyed this book! The ending had some good twists and turns, that I honestly wasn't expecting.


  1. Thank you so much. I'm really glad you enjoyed Initiate!

    1. I really did!! It was different and had an exotic feel to it.

    2. OH, and the sex!!!!!! Very......Very hot Nulli.

  2. I loved the surprise ending too! And I believe we have one more who will jump on the "write Kendrick's story" bandwagon!!! :-) Hop right up Krys & anyone & everyone else who loved Initiate as much as we did.

    Come find us on Twitter so we can coerce Nulli!

    1. I would totally love more of Kendrick :) Felt sorry for the poor man lol!

    2. I am for the Kendrick's story ;) Oh and Nulli, please tell me there are other ritual trainers up for grabs. *dreamy sigh*

    3. Hahaha. I'll see what I can do. :)