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Author Spotlight : Dawna Raver - Interview with a sneak peak to "Severed Colours"

* Krystle- Thank you for inviting us out to one of your magykal hideouts and answering some questions for us Dawna, we can certainly see why you like coming here! Moincata isn't going to find us here, is he?

* Dawna- Oh, you guys are most welcome! And please stop by anytime, I'm sure all of the creatures here would love to have you again! Especially if you bring more treats. I think we'll be safe from that dark Druid...For now – she laughs

                                             Sky and Krystle take in the setting of forest in the Magykal Realm, faeries and woodland creatures as far as the eye could see. So peaceful.

* Sky- So Dawna, how did "Colour Wielders" come to mind and how long did it take to work on? For example do you love to read fantasy, watch fantasy types of movies, even play fantasy types of video games?! There's so much back story in Colour Wielders, I bet it took a long time to work everything out and get it all on paper.

* Dawna- Well, I was recovering from surgery and was bored. I'd never written for fun before, but with nothing else to do, I sat down and started writing about an old memory. Eventually, the memory morphed into a story, and that story evolved into Colour Wielders. I started this about four, almost 5, years ago. It's gone through many iterations. At one point, I was at the end and decided to scrap it, and start over.

As far as back story goes, I kind of did it as I went along. I didn't sit down and work out plot and character outlines which is probably why it took me so long. But during those years, I was learning how to write. I'm happy to say book 2 isn't taking as long.

* Krystle- Well, look at what you accomplished just by being bored!!! You know, Sky and I have ideas rolling around up in our heads that we should really work on getting out there for people to read and share.. From hearing your story, we may just do that!

* Sky- Ooooh! I'm actually working on something right now, I just need that push to keep me going and to get over being scared. It will happen tho, I'm growing more and more fearless by the day.

* Dawna- Keep working at it Sky! Once you start, everything will just come together for you so easily you'll wonder why you waited. It really is about getting past your own preconceived notions of yourself. I always said I couldn't write. I guess I was wrong.

* Sky- Thank you!

* Krystle- When finished writing Colour Wielders, were you 100% satisfied with the end result? For example, did you have many other ideas to add to the story but didn't?

* Dawna- I don't think any author is ever 100% satisfied. There will also be things, in hindsight, that you wish you'd done better. For example, some reviewers want to make Quinn in her teenage years when in the book she's 22. So I guess I didn't do a good enough job in making her age clear.

* Krystle- Hmm, I guess now it would have been more believable for her to have been a virgin in her teenage years instead of being 22, but we understood how old she was.

* Dawna- Without giving details, my own experience was that far from Quinn's minus the Magykal beings and violence.

* Sky- How did you come up with the language the Magykals used in Flaitheas Draíochta?

* Dawna- The Flaitheas Draíochtain language is actually Gaelic or Irish translated through Google Translate. I seriously hope none of the readers out there read or speak it, because who knows how accurate it is.

                                                                                   Everyone laughs

* Sky- Well, you certainly took the time to make it your own in the book, well done!

* Krystle- Yes, seriously that was pretty impressive to go that extra mile of making your book more in depth with the world/character building.
* Dawna- (blushes) – Thank you ladies.

* Krystle- Aww, no problem! Well how many more books do you plan to write in this series?

* Dawna- I believe there will be 3, but I don't want to say that definitely as a 4th might be necessary.

* Sky- Wow! So not only was this your debut book, but you're making it into a trilogy, with the possibility of a fourth. That is awe-inspiring. Looks like we haven't even began to see the tip of the iceberg of your imagination, huh?

* Dawna- (giggles) You have no idea, Sky! My imagination is vast. Story lines pop into my head all the time.

* Sky- While you're out with your friends, do you run your story by them to get their insight on things?

* Dawna- When I first started writing I was always running stuff by my critique partner. It will be nerve racking to submit to my beta readers, I'm hoping that Severed Colours is as good or better than Colour Wielders.

* Krystle- Oh I'm sure it will be both Dawna, we're pretty sure things are only going to get better for you! You just have to believe in yourself, from the looks of your fans on your FaceBook / Twitter pages you are doing just fine!

* Dawna- (sighs) – Thanks. I hope so!

* Sky- We know that Arik was inspired by Eric from TrueBlood, but was Quinn inspired by anyone else you adore? And if Colour Wielders were to become a Movie/TV Series – What actors would you pick for your characters? – Obviously Alexander Skarsgard for Arik.

* Dawna- Uh, yeah, Alex is my Arik! Yum. Sorry, I got lost in a daydream of him. Mmm. Anyway, I have a dream list of actors. I think James Franco would make a good Loki. And maybe Stellan Skarsgard for Týr. I really don't have anyone for Quinn. I think because there is much of me in her, I haven't thought of an actress.

* Sky- So you're Quinn eh, you spunky little thing you! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth of yours Dawna?! (snickers)

* Krystle- Oh my god, Sky!

                                                                                                   We all laugh again

* Dawna- (after she stops laughing) - Maybe I do!

* Krystle- Well a little spunk and a smart mouth never hurt anybody! Dawna, you are alright! (laughs) How often during the week do you write? Would you leave your current career to write full time?

* Dawna- Pretty much, I write 6-7 days a week. Though as I'm sitting here with you both answering these questions, I having a hard time gearing up to write later today. But I'm pushing myself to finish the first draft of Severed Colours. As far as writing as a career, this is my final and best career.

* Sky- Aww, sorry if we're taking up most of your day with you showing us around Flaitheas Draíochta, and all. We'll be leaving shortly to let you continue with your work!

* Dawna- No rush, trust me it is nice to slow down and enjoy life at a slow pace once in a while.

* Sky- I agree with you there, can't believe the summer is almost over already! Okay, where was I? Who are your top 3 authors?

* Dawna- I'm a die hard paranormal romance and urban fantasy lover. My favorite writers are Darynda Jones, who writes the Charley Davidson series. J.R. Ward, and her Black Dagger Brotherhood. Jim Butcher, and his Harry Dresden Files. But I also love contemporary romance as well, and love M. Leighton's The Bad Boy series. Ooh, and I just discovered Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires. Sooo goood!

* Krystle- I recently bought one of Darynda's books just the other day. I loved the cover, then once I read the back I had to have it. (laughs) Sounds pretty good! Sky and I are both J.R. Ward fans! I went to the “Lover At Last” book signing a few months back, it was a blast! If you ever get the opportunity to meet her, you have to go!!!!!!!

* Dawna- You lucky girl you, thanks I definitely will!

* Sky- Okay, the million dollar question! Who is your Book Boyfriend? (smiles and waggles eyebrows)

* Dawna- Christian Grey, baby.


                                                                     We all swooned simultaneously

* Krystle- E.L. James sure did write one fine man, didn't she?
* Sky- (nods enthusiastically) Yes, yes she did!

                                          Everyone takes a minute to admire the pair of unicorns that walked over the pond for a drink of water.

* Krystle- It really is beautiful here, makes me never want to go back! But, we can't all live in faery tales like you Dawna! (sighs) So, since we know that you love to watch TrueBlood, what other shows do you watch to wind down to?

* Dawna- Right now, my favorite show besides True Blood is probably Vampire Diaries. I also love Mad Men, Game of Thrones. Oh, and, Justified. Timothy Olyphant rocks that show.

* Sky- Oooh Timothy Olyphant is such a hottie!

* Krystle- You've got that right! He could definitely play someone in your book... Even as an extra, to stand there and look good... In nothing but a flimsy little loin cloth of some sort... or nothing at all

* Sky- (snaps fingers in front of Krystle's face) Helllooooooo in there!!!

* Krystle- What??? A girl can dream, out loud... Can't she?

                                                               Everyone bursts into fits of laughter

* Dawna – I'll gladly make a place for him. Maybe in one of my self-published paranormal romances coming out this year.

* Krystle- Sweet!

* Sky- If you were going out to the movies, would you rather see a Comedy, Romance, Drama, Thriller/Suspense, or Horror?

* Dawna- Romance and Drama. Not big on comedy or horror.

* Krystle- Aww, cheesy horror films are the best! I love having people over for cheesy horror movie nights in October. Makes for some good laughs!

* Sky- I want to come!!!!

* Krystle- You're more than welcome, Dawna that goes for you too! We'll throw popcorn at the screen and just laugh all night.

* Dawna- Hmmmm, maybe. There are some really bad B movies that are bound to have some hot guys in them right? I'll have to look up to see if Alexander Skarsgard is in any of them!

* Sky- Great idea!

* Krystle- Hell, for that matter we could just have a TrueBlood marathon!

* Dawna- I'm so there! (laughs)
* Krystle- Alright, so I think we already know the answer to the final question but, vampires or werewolves?
* Dawna- Vampires of course (smiles). Okay ladies, I just want to say a big thank you for having me. I really appreciate it!!

* Sky and Krystle- (simultaneously) Aww, thank you Dawna! This was a blast! Thanks for hanging out with us!


Here's a blurb for book two of the "Heirs of the Magykal Realm" series

"Severed Colours"

Quinn Sinclair trusted Arik Morgaine until he betrayed her. Scared and alone, she finds herself delivered into the hands of the evil Morgana le Fay. When Quinn discovers Morgana's plans are beyond demented and seriously depravedmaking life with the Changeling seem like a day at beachshe wonders if death is a better option?

Arik Morgaine vowed he'd save Quinn no matter the price. But when his well thought out plans go terribly a rye, a desperate and heartbroken Arik is forced to beg the cruel Triarchia for help. Unwilling to go on without his Älskling, he answers two questions that irrevocably alter their lives.
Can Arik and Quinn find a way back to each other, or will the price of saving her rip them apart forever?

And now for a sneak peak of
"Severed Colours"


Chapter One: Homesick

Large, purpose-driven hands caressed Quinn's side, pulling her into him. His front to her back, their bodies fit together perfectly. Two separate individuals with jagged edges, that when put together, became a smooth, complete whole.
"Älskling." His voice in her ear came as smooth as melted chocolate. Warm, soft lips lavished kisses down her neck. She responded instantly to his touch, pushing back into his hard body, closing the smalls gaps which kept them from being completely together.
To learn more about the author visit her website
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