Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review by Krystle : Red Shoes for Lab Blues by D.B. Sieders

For this to be D.B. Seider's debut book, Congrats to you girl! It all came together so well, and I adored it. It had a good plot, a lot of humor, great characters, enough “nerdi'ness” to bring the nerd out in me lol, mystery, and some steamy sex. Just the right amount of everything! =)

Science/Cancer research is basically Dr. Stacey Jamison's lifeline, she's very involved with her work and doesn't really have time for a social life, which means long hours in the lab. Sure she notices the new incredibly handsome rising star Dr. Henry Chan who's moved in down the hall a few months ago. But she automatically assumes in his frame of mind, he thinks he is “all-that” and then some. I love how D.B. Has Stacy word it..

Most of the male faculty acted like card-carrying members of the old boys' club. Men who thought they knew more and were more capable scientist by virtue of possessing a Y chromosome and a penis.” – LOL

Until while on one of Stacy's many late nights working in the lab things go “bump in the dark” … In the dark room. Her and Dr. Chan's first real one on one was pretty comical. She was trying develop some film in an ancient processor that has been known to act up often, well this night it did. Frustrated after trying to fix the jam, she kicks it, curses it, all the while not knowing that she's not alone until Dr. Wonderful asks what that machine did to her.. Lol, I loved it.

Then after embarrassing turn of events, she goes home to her roommate Jo, an up and coming artist and relays her night to her. It's then been decided that Stacy needs a night out on the town. This is where we see the red pumps on the cover come into play. Since Stacy is indeed a Dr. and a loner she always strikes out when it comes to men. So her friends find fun in placing bets to see how long it takes her to scare them away. Sounds like some good friends right? Her roommate Jo is convinced that it's her shoes, so she makes her put the red heels on, Stacy heads back up to the bar and starts slamming shots of Tequila, then guess who approaches her? Dr. Henry Chan, and the way he sticks up for her to her friends for the cruel prank is awesome! Every woman needs a man like him at her side.
I really like how D.B. sort of turned the tables and had the woman oblivious to the man trying to get her attention instead of her pining to gain his for her. I liked everything about the book and thought everything came together quite nicely. I especially like what she has Henry think of Stacy in the middle of the book when she finds her confidence and things steam up between them.
Confidence and initiative were sexy as hell in a woman.”
I love that.

I will definitely recommend this read to a friend and can't wait for more!

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  1. I agree. I thought the dynamic between Henry and Stacey was unique and well done. Nice review!