Monday, July 15, 2013

Review by Sky: Beautiful Monster by Bella Forrest

It was the cover that first captivated me. I felt a pull, a need to discover the story withheld in the loving, embracing expressions. The title just makes it even more intriguing. Though later as you read on, you realize the characters aren't portrayed as described. It doesn't affect the story line, though.
The synopsis grabbed me as well, my love for theater is a great one, vampires and theater! Different, yet curious!

This is one of those fantastical stories where two complete opposites collide and love blossoms right before them. Beautiful Monster makes a completely unique dive into the paranormal world, as this whole story takes place at a popular performing academy. It's one of the biggest performing schools in the nation, and a complete dream school for Amy. Only thing holding her back, her father and her impending doom of HIV.
Amy has been sneaking into the academy pretty much half of her life, when her father leaves for work, who works there as a chef. This very school is what developed her passions for performing and spent all her free time home schooled hours studying different techniques and making friends around the world who share the same ambition.
Amy suffers from HIV, carried from her mother at birth, and lives a sheltered and poor life. Her father is over paranoid of losing her and won't allow her to do a single that that would exert more energy than needed -- not even a quick walk down too the grocery store. Though, Amy finally had enough with that, she began to spend longer days at the theater, refusing to let her life dully fade away. But this particular day, call it what you will, wrong time at the wrong place, or... right... Amy is trapped in a swarm of people headed for the backstage for the Scholarship contest program. Her destiny ties her fate when she can't seem to get pass the crowd and is ushered by the professors to get back stage and wait her part. Realizing this is exactly what she wanted...she takes the dive.

Then there's Liam, who is the hot, young, Hollywood grandson of retired school headmaster, and holds a dark, deep, and dangerous secret. When he takes over the business for his grandfather and sets out to cast the roles of the schools first scholarship program of the year play, Beauty and The Beast, he sees the beautiful girl Amy glide across the stage. He has no idea Amy is not actually a student at his school, but is captivated by her beauty, expertise, and... something off with the scent of her blood. He's dead set on her, and casts her as his Belle.

Who would ever suspect a shy, outsider girl would captivate the heart of Hollywood's most talented heart throb? Trouble arises when she discovers his dark secret, hearing his cry in the middle of night... Her handsome man, transitioned into a terrifying, black eyed monster, chained to the wall of the schools basement cellar. He spills out his heart  but she stays huddled across the room, unable to speak, or think, absolutely no idea how to react.
It takes a Twilight turn when word gets out that Liam's sire is headed for their town, to confront him of his crime of sharing the vampires world to a human girl.

The end of the books keeps you wondering what's to become of their relationship, will he turn her into a vampire, and will any more lives be lost?

I rated this book 4 stars.
Beautiful story, with lovable, real characters, and a unique setting. Forrest tells an enchanting story in such a creative, almost poetic manner.

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