Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review by Sky: The Call of Agon by Dean F. Wilson

I have not read a great epic fantasy in such a long time, this was honestly very refreshing. Thank you for a copy of this story for a review, Dean!
The Call of Agon (The Children of Telm, #1)
The tone of this novel was exceptionally well written.  It’s a poetic, dark, and adventurous tale told in the eyes of a man named Ifferon who is the last of his bloodline of the God, Telm. Telm had banished a beast name Agon to the underworld and on Telm’s death-bed, he requested that Ifferon carries the duty to ensure the imprisonment of Agon. But this task and its journey which leads to the outer world will be far from simple.

Here we see a tremendous transformation of Ifferon, brilliant character development. In the beginning, he was weak, but through his endeavors, he meets great friends, enemies, and becomes the stuff made of heroes.

Like all epic adventures, there are many places, many characters of different races and abilities. We are by far not left short on a true mythical expedition.

Wilson obtains an outstanding talent to keep the reader captivated by painting with the power of words a world entirely unique, dark, dangerous and all so exciting. There were moments I felt as if I were there in on his journey, had to blink a few times and think to myself, “Wow, where did time go?”

I hear this is just the first book in a series? I cannot wait to see what happens next on this exhilarating adventure!

(Did I mention this was his debut novel? Seriously, it’s written as if by a man of decades of experience. Pure genius, and that my friends, is not exaggerated. This guy knows what he loves!)
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