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A Booknatic Review: Lexia by Rachel M. Raithby

Lexia (The Deadwood Hunter, #1)
Lexia: Deadwood Hunters #1 by Rachel M. RaithbyPOV: 3rd- Lexia
Lexia thought she was normal, ordinary...
Lincoln thought he'd spend the rest of his life seeking revenge...
What would you do if the person you loved was your enemy?
When Lexia snuck out one night to go to a party, she hardly expected to be attacked by vampires. Much less be able to kill them with her bare hands.

That night triggers events Lexia can't escape and soon she struggles to keep up a facade around her friends and family.
And then there's Lincoln; she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But Lexia senses he wants something more dangerous than a simple romance. Lincoln has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever. A story of love, loss and betrayal. Only one thing is certain, Lexia and Lincoln’s lives will never be the same again.

 “He smiled at her but there was nothing friendly about it, the kind of smile that whispered of danger and excitement.”

Sky's thoughts: I absolutely love this story!  HOT HOT HOT! We are provided with an exhilarating story chock-full of action, lust, and mystery as we follow heroine Lexia on her journey as she makes a new discovery in a moment of desperate survival. She has no idea what's happening to her or what she's becoming, but she feels the certain darkness that begins to overwhelm her soul.
I am always a sucker for panther -- or any feline for that matter-- shape shifter. So I was incredibly happy with a new dangerous hero to be added on to the very prestigious list of book boyfriends we adore! He's protective, handsome, and sure knows how to make a girl sweat.
There are many hardships Lexia is forced to overcome as soon she learns more about her history, her mother, what she is. You have to feel sorry for her, everything around her is just crumbling with this new found darkness that she just cannot control. What she would give to just go back to living a normal life, giggling over mundane and other girly things with her best friend Alice, and go back to living her quiet life with her single father.
After certain events, the darkness pulls her in, and this is where I am excited to see what happens next! We will be anxiously waiting over at the Booknatics, just LOVED this story!
Rachel has a VERY promising career ahead of her as an author, and I am excited to see where this series takes us, the reader, as well!
She know's what really captures a girls heart when it comes to a book, and she writes it WELL!




Krystles thoughts: I was given this early release copy by the author for an honest review and.....I freakin loved it!!!  This is Rachel Raithby's debut book, and it really seems like she's been writing for years; it was that good!

Lexia seems like your normal/basic teenager that's about to graduate, until 3 vampires corner and attack her; she knows her life is over then from out of nowhere she realizes that she has these 'Superhuman Traits' and is able to defeat them with her bare hands. Off in the distance, a shifter-panther named Lincoln watches and can't believe what he's seeing. A Hunter.... Who's trained to kill off his kind.. He wants to kill her, but he wants to learn a little bit about her first so he starts hanging around, pretending to be passing thru town. What he wasn't expecting was for Lexia to be so alive, so to speak, you'll know what I mean when you read his meaning for her, and he falls for her.


The chemistry that these two have for each other is OHMIGOD!!! It was pretty hot! Like...Really hot! I was not expecting that at all, reading along, reading, reading....and whoa...WHOA!!! I loved it! :) I liked Lexia's Best friend Alice as well, hopefully we'll see more of her in the next book since she's now a huge part of Lex's and Linc's supernatural world.

I really loved how Ms. Raithby had Lincoln able to shift at will, and he could become part panther, instead of full on panther. For instance, his claws would rip thru his fingertips so he could climb as human form, etc... That was pretty neat and different, also loved how he would light up all over when he did shift. When Lexia would go in 'Hunter Mode' I swear, I could picture her becoming more buff, taller, faster, just deathly with her eyes blazing yellow. She described the fight scenes very well, I could picture them all fighting in my head like watching a movie.. Let's just say that I hope Lexia's evil B**** mother gets what she deserves, HA!

Rachel's writing is very fresh and fun,

Can't wait for the next installment to this great series!!!!


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