Friday, September 20, 2013

Review by Krystle - The Sisters of Selene by Thomas DiSanto

The Sisters of Selene
Thomas DiSanto


The Sisters of Selene is a secret society of women with a dark side. Besides giving one another a leg up in the world, their core mandate is to root out and severely punish misogynistic, sexist and hateful men who have the wealth and powerful to get away with their abusive behavior.

Congressman Derek Sweenor is an so-called christian conservative, anti-everything politician with a dark side. He rails against women's health and equality issues, while preaching a gospel of morality and conservative values as a cover for his sex addiction.

When Congressman Sweenor becomes the unwitting subject of the Selene's "rehabilitation" experiment, his professional and personal life come crashing down around him, and send him into a tailspin of dangerous self-destructive behavior.

Soon he is whisked away to the Selene's private retreat and what happens next, not only changes the life of Congressman Sweenor, but alters the destiny of the Sisters of Selene forever


The author gifted a copy to me in exchange for an honest review, and wow. Pretty scary stuff, I'm pretty sure that every woman who reads this, will all see that the main character, Congressman Derek Sweenor is a hypocritical Jack-Ass who deserves all of the punishment he receives.

This book is about a secret society of women called The Sacred Order of the Virgins of Selene aka 'The Sisters of Selene' - kind of like 'The Free-Masons'. The Sister's, have been taking scumbag men who've treated woman like garbage (rape, verbal abuse, etc...) and have been punishing/making them pay for their crimes by ways that are extremely brutal and sometimes barbaric, but let's be real. If a man committed those acts upon you, you'd gladly follow thru with his punishment wouldn't you?

Makes me wonder if there are really cults of this kind floating around out there. Hmmmm...

Recently some of the 'Sisters' have been afflicted by their means of brutal punishment, saying that some men can be reformed and re-educated without physical harm. >In my mind I was saying Highly Unlikely!!!< And this is where Derek comes in as their new test subject.

I thought it was pretty clever having his ex-girlfriend in on the grand scheme of things, that would have been a fun part to play for sure. The scene where he wore the "Black Helmet of Shame", ugh, I cringed!!... THEN - The shit hits the fan at the compound and all Hell breaks loose.. I wasn't expecting that, especially the last 2 chapters, with his -New Addiction-.. Lol - Holy American Psycho in the making.. I enjoyed this book and wonder if the Sisters will reconsider their new methods of treatment since obviously it backfired, and hope that they will have their revenge on Derek.

Makes me wonder about this author... LOL Just kidding!!
I appreciate you reaching out to us at The Booknatics, Tom!

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