Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Krystle's Thoughts - On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

On Dublin Street
By: Samantha Young
Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare…

Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well—until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core.

Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached.

But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won’t be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her… down to the very soul.

Ahhhhh I am so in love with this book and author!!! I couldn't put this book down, it's that good.

Samantha Young captured my full attention with describing everything that has happened in poor Jocelyn Butler's life; I couldn't wait to see her have the happy ending she deserved. I really like how it was sort of written thru Joss's eyes, but at the same time it would seem to revert back to her therapy sessions, and then pick right up to what she and her therapist were discussing. Very neat.

What I wouldn't give to live on Dublin Street and to meet a man like Braden Carmichael. *Swoon*

I enjoyed all of the characters and loved how Joss and Ellie got along, she is the sister that she's been missing. Seems ever since the “accident” that ruined Joss's life she's just been living for today, too afraid to get close to anyone since she thinks that she's some sort of bad-luck charm of epic proportions. And who could blame her. She's lost her whole family, followed by her best friend, all while in her teens, and now years later when things are finally balancing out for her, her world falls apart again. Before she knows it, all of the progress that she's made is all for naught and she starts regressing back into her iron box, as she calls it.

But, before her world shatters, let's talk about Braden for a bit..... Ohmigod! Can I just say he was...just amazing, ha! I believe I will add him to my Book-Boyfriend Collection! /Evil laugh..

Braden's a beautiful guy who just so happens to be the brother of Joss's new roommate Ellie. He's rich, smart, charismatic, charming.... The list is endless. I like how he could read Joss like an open book and see thru all of her bullshit – then call her on it. When Joss tells him that she's not going to be in a relationship with him because she has come to really like his sister and her apartment, he seduces her into an arrangement instead. Just sex. I kind of thought the whole time that it was a great ploy to get her to realize for herself that at the end of their 3 month friends-with-benefits gag, she'd want more...and it worked. :)

I raced thru the rest of the book, both not being able to wait and see what happened next between them, and also not wanting it to end. But, alas, I stayed up late on a work night to finish it! There were times when I wanted to physically reach thru the pages and slap some sense into Joss for how crappy she was treading Braden, but then again I could also get where she was coming from.

Very well written and sweet! Can't wait to read more from Ms. Young!!!


Btw, the scene where Braden was tickling the crap out of Joss and she broke wind..... I LOST IT!!!!!! That was too fun! I clapped my hand to my forehead and felt embarrassed for the poor girl, Lol!!

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