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Krystle's Thoughts - Severed Colours by Dawna Raver

Severed Colours
Severed Colours
Dawna Raver
Expected Release - 11/18/2013
Authors Website:

Book 2 of The Colour Wielders Series is awesome! I love, love, looooved it. The way Ms. Raver writes, you get immersed and can easily lose yourself in her imagination. I love the world building for Severed Colours; as well as book 1, Colour Wielders.

SC picks up right where book one left off, with Arik handing Quinn over to his Bitch of a mother Morgana. Although poor Quinn has no idea what's happening and thinks the love of her life is betraying her, Arik knows his mother is her only chance of survival. Course even though the all-knowing Morgana knows what her son is up to, she still thinks she has the upper-hand...

Boy, was she wrong. (I love what unicorn blood does to her BTW Dawna, LOL, I lost it laughing..)

After centuries, Morgana Le Fay's beauty was over. She looked like a zombie in search of brains as she held out her arms and grabbed at empty air”


So any-who, after Quinn goes thru her awakening in the Marbh Chamber constructed by Morgana, she's a changed person. No longer a child with baby-like skin, but now a woman. Her body, hair, and features all go thru a painful change, leaving her a more mature, adult Magykal. What's even better is that she and Arik soul-touch during the process, meaning that they will both be battling each others' emotions in their minds. This was pretty neat to see thru-out the book, I thought. Not sure if I'd want it done to me, but could be handy!

The author throws in a lovely – and crazy – curve ball after Quinn's Awakening, that really shocked the Hell out of me. I just sort of sat there and thought, Omgggggg!!! And I can't tell you!!!!! It leaves Arik desperate and no choice, but to summon the most powerful beings in all the lands. The Triarchia.... Where they have him answer a yes or no question with a no win scenario.

Can love surrounded by hate, survive, or is the end of an endless knot forever lost? Yes or No?”

After Arik's answered and made his sacrifice, both he and Quinn will have to work extremely hard to get around this obstacle thru-out the rest of the book. Let's just say that I hate The Triarchia, and A lot, and you all will too, ha!

Although Quinn has changed so much from her Awakening, that after The Triarchia are thru with her, she's even more changed than before. She may now seem like a brat, but without her new attitude adjustment the story wouldn't make sense or get to where it needs to be.

I do care for you. I – You are my everything.” Arik Morgaine

Ms. Raver answers a lot of questions and ties the book up perfectly for the end, all the while, still leaving some things that need to be worked out for book 3. Which I can't wait for!


Things I loved -

Like I mentioned before, her world building technique and the way she writes her characters. Now I really want to go to the club Ersatz she made up for the book, LOL!

I enjoyed how the author has her characters dress like 'normal human beings', since they are Magykals living in a Magykal Realm, sure it'd be easy to dress them for the time period of beautiful gowns, etc.. But they still wear band t-shirts, jeans, leather jackets, etc... That's great! :)

Since I read an early version of the book, she is making some changes, and one of those changes is hysterical. Where Princess Quinn has her own Royal Guard, she calls them Mutts...In the version I read they were humans, but in the new version, they're going to be actual dogs that walk on 2 legs. Very different, and very cool. !

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