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Review by Sky: Cassie's Cowboy Crave by Kimberly Krey

Cassie's Cowboy Crave:
A Contemporary Romance by Kimberly Krey


It’s been a couple weeks now since I’ve finished this book and I STILL have it on my brain (not to mention the butterflies in my tummy when I think of the sweet man Shane is)
I’ve read quite a few cowboy romances over the years and I have to say, Shane Emerson is now easily my favorite among the other ranch lad’s I’ve read about.

Often times, I’ll have a friend who is moving to some country side or another somewhere in the US and we will always cracks jokes like, “it’ll be even better once you meet yourself a fine cowboy, eh?” Country twang and good with his hands,” with an added wink. But I’ll be damned if I never had an image to go with that fancy.

This is the first book in the series “Sweet Montana Bride”. Each book is a stand-alone story but revolves around characters associated with Cassie and the Emerson ranch. And lemme tell ya, there’s a mighty fine pool of ranch hands on this farm.  I don’t want to give everything away in this review because this beautiful story unfolds in a way I can’t even touch, nor do I want to spoil!

The opening scene is very cryptic; Shane Emerson is storming to his brother’s house banging on the door accusing him of setting him up in situation he never asked to be in, about a girl waiting at the airport and his refusal to go along with whatever disruption in his way of life his brother is forcing on him.
The girl in question is Cassie, Seattle girl who is suddenly uprooted from her daily life after a jury trial that went wrong.  Officials have every reason to believe that anyone on the same jury as Cassie is being sought out to be murdered by the family that was on trial. To be cautious, each jury member is placed in a temporary witness protection and Cassie just so happens to

The Emerson’s are notorious for their help in housing the victims with a place to stay and a job, and being surrounded by family and protection. But what’s even more notorious, are the love stories that bud beneath the big blue sky on their cozy ranch.
Shane’s brothers for example, fell in love with two of the girls that fell into their care, and have all started a family. Shane was on to their devious plan the moment he got wind they signed up for another victim, a female victim at that, and is exactly why he was against it from the beginning. After a terrible relationship that ended sour years before, Shane felt he’d never be ready for anything serious anytime soon, forever if he could help it, I bet.
He caves in and indulges his family’s fantasies to get it over with, and perhaps to even shut them up about always trying to fix him up with strange women. He figured the city girl would never want to settle in such a deserted, far out place, anyhow, so he went along with it. The catch, however, would be that they would have to pretend to have come back from a honeymoon after an eloping of their marriage so that the other ranch hands won’t be suspicious of who this girl may really be.
To each Cassie’s and Shane’s dismay . . . small exposure of each other’s passion and kindness warmed them up to one another over the coming days.
This story was beautiful in every way; between the romantic suspense, and the thrill of the dark and looming possibilities of Cassie’s life being taken away at any given moment, kept me turning one page after another without ever putting this book down.
I can’t count all the times I was afraid for Cassie every time she was home alone, and I can’t even count all the times my heart melted at the gentleness in the words and actions of the at-first-apparent, rough and angry Shane. Did I mention? OH THE SEXINESS!?! PHEW. The author effectively feeds us enough lust and passion without having to spill every word of the naughty bits that happen behind closed doors.
This is a huge 5 star read for me!

                                                        Shane and his beloved horses =) *dreamy sigh*

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