Saturday, May 3, 2014

And the winners are....

Thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, all of the authors have been contacted and should be getting in touch with you soon !


  1. A Signed Hardcover of "The King" by J.R. Ward (US residents only)
  2. A signed copy of "Rock N Roll Promises" by AmBear Shellea (US residents only)
  3. An E-copy of "Bloods Voice" by Aine P. Maisse
  4. An E-copy of "San Diego" by AJ Harmon
  5. An E-copy of "A Heroe's Heart" by Amber Daulton
  6. An E-Copy of "Once Upon a Road Trip" by Angela N. Blount
  7. An E-Copy of "Lone Star Woman" by Anna Jeffrey
  8. An E-Copy of "Sweet Return" by Anna Jeffrey
  9. An E-Copy of "Healer" by B N Toler
  10. An E-Copy of "Rising Shadows" by Bridget Blackwood
  11. An E-copy of "Indulging In Irelyn" by D.L. Raver
  12. An E-copy of "The Other Half" by Elaina Roberts
  13. An E-copy of "A Window to Love" by Fifi Flowers
  14. An E-copy of "Have I Told You" by FL Jacob
  15. An E-copy of "Keltor" by Jennifer Sage
  16. An E-copy of "Fallen" by Julie Morgan
  17. An E-copy of "Trust Me?" by K E Osborn
  18. 2 E-copies of "Playing For Love at Deep Haven" by Katy Regnery
  19. An E-copy of "Treehugger" by Kea Alwang
  20. An E-copy of "Hard As It Gets" by Laura Kaye
  21. An E-copy of "Hard As You Can" by Laura Kaye
  22. An E-copy of "Adam's Apple" by Liv Morris
  23. An E-copy of "Quintal's Return" by Nadine Christian
  24. An E-copy of "A Masterpiece of Our Love" by Nikki Lynn Barrett
  25. An E-copy of "Initiate" by Nulli Para Ora
  26. 2 E-copies of "Lexia" by Rachel Raithby
  27. 2 E-copies of "Whispers of Darkness" by Rachel Raithby
  28. An E-copy of "Love, Lies, & The D.A." by Rebecca Rohman
  29. An E-copy of "Symphony of Light and Winter" by Renea Mason
  30. An E-copy of "Fashionably Dead Down Under" by Robyn Peterman
  31. An E-copy of "Predator's Claim" by Rosanna Leo
  32. An E-copy of "The Phantom and the Psychic" by Sophia Jones
  33. An E-copy of "Eternal Flame" by Valerie Twombly

  1. Entry #566Jamie F.
  2. Entry #1896Angela D.
  3. Entry #224Cary M.
  4. Entry #2114Catherine K.
  5. Entry #95Kristin M.
  6. Entry #708Melissa W.
  7. Entry #515Denise L.
  8. Entry #2369Emily D.
  9. Entry #812Joseph M.
  10. Entry #776Shannon B.
  11. Entry #2310Julie C.
  12. Entry #281FansOf D.
  13. Entry #2152Irene R.
  14. Entry #1057Amie S.
  15. Entry #1352Kelly S.
  16. Entry #2377Charlotte M.
  17. Entry #977Tanya G.
  18. Entry #1242Kathy P.
  19. Entry #636Marie R.
  20. Entry #1690Barrie M.
  21. Entry #2243Erica S.
  22. Entry #1582Tammy J.
  23. Entry #441KellyMae H.
  24. Entry #319Sonya M.
  25. Entry #553LuAnn B.
  26. Entry #397Lindsay W.
  27. Entry #1739Jennifer C.
  28. Entry #1944Riza M.
  29. Entry #1300Donna B.
  30. Entry #1622Yazmin
  31. Entry #169Kayla L.
  32. Entry #1668cindy j.
  33. Entry #1123Jennifer D.
  34. Entry #867Laura H.
  35. Entry #128Mary L.
  36. Entry #1095Brittany A.

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