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Krystle's Thoughts - The Fox's Mate by Elaina M. Roberts


The Fox’s Mate
The Fox's Mate
Elaina M. Roberts


Alpha Draike Weatherby has enjoyed many years of peace in his districts. He’s made agreements with the various shifter races as well as the Vampire Lord of London to keep crime down and their existence safe from human knowledge. Until now. A loyal gang of nonhuman runaways are systematically losing members. Rat shifters have grown bold, increasing crime in his area and risking their secret. Then there’s Olivia. Naked, bleeding, and fleeing a trio of unsavory characters, she runs straight into his arms…and stirs his most protective instincts.

As he digs deeper, he discovers an interconnecting web with a single common thread: Olivia. To uncover the truth, he must gain the trust of the terrified woman who entices his fox. But she guards a secret that could destroy or save her.

THIS...this book, was amazing. 5 swoon-worthy stars!
I haven't read too many PNR's that have to do with “shifters”, but so far, I'm hook, line, and sinker !The way this author writes, and the humor, that she has her character's have, I loved every bit of it. I can't wait to read more from this series.

There were so many characters I grew fond of, Draike – the hero of the book – obviously, but then there was Maximus – a sexy, sexy vampire. And then the Russian twins – Svetlana and Zoya – they're hilarious and I loved their accents. Ms. Roberts wrote everyone to perfection. The world-building was fantastic; all the attention to detail, dialogue, the fighting sequences, hmmm the sex * winks *, it all worked very well together and kept the story moving along at a nice, even flow. I also liked that it was set in London, it's a nice change from what I've been reading lately.

I liked the idea of having shifters, but then also having their “shadow-pets” that Olivia can see and, interact with; very different and very cool, a handy feature for her to have!

Draike had a strong bond with Olivia from the moment he rescued her running in the streets of London from her captors' “goons”. With him being the alpha fox in his territory, he had been investigating why some of the local boys had gone missing. What he didn't expect to find, was his mate. Ooooh, I don't want to spoil the fun, but all I can say is read this book! You won't be disappointed!



 I am a writer who likes to dabble in many sub-genres but currently concentrating on the paranormal. Married for over twenty years, I have one lovely daughter who is poised to fly the nest and thus leave me even more time to write. I try to make time for more hobbies than just writing but sometimes they fall to the wayside. Throughout the years, I've found that I enjoy the learning process of many hobbies more than the hobbies themselves. The few that have stuck around have been geocaching, letterboxing, jewelry making, and, of course, writing. I also spend far more time on Facebook than is normal or healthy.

Living in a small town in the Southeast provides intensely hot summers, mild winters, delicious sweet tea, and vast amounts of pristine woodlands in which to base my stories. Most of my locations are real; however, their names may have been altered to allow me a bit of leniency with certain attributes. History, too, often gets a make-over as I adjust reality to include the effects of nonhumans upon a very human world. I strive to make characters that are believable, no matter their race, and stories that the reader can connect to. Sometimes they contain dark content and sometimes the stories themselves are dark, but the world can be a dark place which makes working through the darkness to find the light at the end all that much more rewarding.


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