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A Booknatic Review: Once Upon an Ever After by Angela N. Blount

A Review by Sky and Krystle
Once Upon an Ever After
 By, Angela N. Blount
A Coming of Age memoir.

Sky's Thoughts: 
As some of you know, Krystle and I met in an online game and after discovering how much we had in common, including our love for books, we stuck together having fun and later creating this blog! It was some sort of funny fate that shortly after we made our Booknatic blog, one of the first authors to find us was Mrs. Blount. We were FREAKING OUT once we realized how PERFECTLY well "Once Upon a Road Trip" fit with our friendship! We had so much fun reviewing and interviewing Angela N. Blount and getting to know her and feel completely honored to have been asked to review book 2, Once Upon an Ever After.
We were on the edge of our seats awaiting what was in store for Vince and Angie, and after reading book two, it was well worth the wait!

Angie is back home after her now infamous road trip and her long-distance relationship with Vince is put to the test. Several months had passed since last seeing him, and he is now on his way to Minnesota to meet her family. Now, for Angie, this long-distance relationship thing is so new to her. In fact, dating in general is a totally new experience for her. After some people-watching at the airport, her nerves are shot.  She struggles on deciding how she's expected to act around him, how to greet him when his plane lands but her heart takes over for her once her eyes lay on him for the first time in months. 
Now, if introducing this infamous Vince to her family wasn't nerve-racking enough--with a postal-service, gun-collecting dad and quirky siblings-- their relationship faces yet another challenge as the heat between them intensifies. Angie fills the air around them with distractions, and one of them was taking Vince to finally meet his online arch-enemy, Proxy, also Angie's best friend Elsie. This is pretty much where some of the hilarity ensures. I laughed SO hard during this meeting, oh my gawd LOLOL!
"At least she referred to him by the name of his neutral character rather than one of the outright villains. Thanks to several quirky years of experience, I wasn't entirely confident in her ability to distinguish fiction from reality."
Having met some of my online-friends face to face, I totally understand the geeky and awkward tension in the air around some of the competitors from your group! LOL!
But when the distractions die out and it's just the two of them alone, the elephant in the room is brought up. Sex. Part of the discussions and confessions on this matter had me laughing once again; but all seriousness of the topic puts a strain on their relationship when Vince is trying to figure things out. 
They were young, and it's a totally normal part of today's society to think of sex and relationships to always coincide with each other at the very start of young love. It was a tough situation for Angie to be in and my heart hurt FOR her!
After a potential halt threatens their being together for always, sommmeeboddy is quickly redeemed by the reader when she receives a letter,  "Every minute I spend without you only fuels my burning desire to hold you in my arms and love you as God intended you to be loved." 
One second, plucking my melted heart from off the ground. 
This is an absolutely beautiful and sweet coming of age memoir and I went through every emotion whilst reading it. I laughed, I nearly cried but was quickly picked back up and read the rest of the story with a big grin! Is it too much trouble to be hoping for another installment to this? I can't get enough of Vince and Angie's story! Inspiring through and through! A big 5 stars from me on this review! 

Krystle's Thoughts: 
I loved the authors memoir “Once Upon A Road Trip” so much, but THIS!!!!! Young love at it's finest. I was so giddy for them as I read both books, it was so sweet. Seriously, if you haven't read the first book, do so, and then read this one! 
What a great and inspiring story for any couple! Whether they be young, have a long-distance relationship, or both. “Once Upon An Ever After” is a beautiful love story that just goes to show, if you put all that you have into something you want badly enough and believe in yourselves...anything is possible, and that's exactly what these two young lovers did!
I was nervous for Vince when he arrived at Angeli's house, him meeting her family and quirky friends, especially her father, because let's be honest, meeting the girls dad...intimidating stuff! Ha!!! Since she met him at his house while on her road trip, she already had a head-start on seeing how and where he grew up, so with him visiting her in her familiar surroundings and how she grew up, I'm sure it helped him gain more perspective about her.
I can relate to this type of situation myself , having had a lot of online friends from gaming and reading groups. Once you meet and put a face to either the voice you've spoken to or words you've typed to each other for years, and discover their mannerisms,'s very neat! 
One part in this book where the author mentions coping with betrayal by means of having a bonfire...I have done this, and it DOES help!!! Just thought I'd throw that in there :) 
You both got your “Happily Ever After” , and I'm so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your stories with us!
Btw, do you miss the snow yet? =P

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