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Krystle's Review - The Cattleman by Anna Jeffrey

The Cattleman (Sons of Texas Book 2)

The Cattleman
Anna Jeffrey
Available 9/15/14!

Contemporary Romance - Sequel to THE TYCOON
Ever since a disastrous marriage and divorce at a young age, Pickett Lockhart has kept his emotions under control. He’s preoccupied anyway with learning to be the general manager of the vast Double-Barrel Ranch outside of Drinkwell, Texas. Still, his older brother’s marriage and looming fatherhood has aroused an envy within him to have a wife, kids and home of his own. But he can’t get married, even to a woman he loves who also loves him. His divorce cost him and his family a bundle, leaving him with an overwhelming fear of stepping into another financial trap.

Amanda Breckenridge, swim team coach and English teacher in Drinkwell High School, has been in love with Pic for as long as she can remember. They were high school sweethearts. After he eloped with someone he met in college, Amanda left Drinkwell. Her father’s illness brought her back to town and a revived relationship with Pic. But Pic’s mother has never thought Amanda was good enough for him. She intends to destroy their relationship by sending a friend’s beautiful daughter to the ranch to tempt Pic. Can Amanda and Pic’s bond survive his mother and her schemes? Or the unexpected career opportunity that falls into Amanda’s lap?




5 Book Review

Anna Jeffrey continues on with the Lockhart family, this time by following Drake's younger brother Pic. By the way the author describes this cowboy, he is delicious. And there is A LOT of heat in this book! * fans self *

This story is about a second chance at your first, true love. Pic and Mandy have been inseparable since they were both young kids. What started out as a friendship, turned into a romance by high-school, but once they both separated for college, that romance flickered away for Pic. He became quickly enamored by a beautiful cowgirl who competed in the rodeo, and foolishly married her on a whim.

Mandy also married, and thought that she and her husband were going to be happy, but turns out, he was not the man she thought him to be. As fates would have it, both Mandy and Pic divorced and found themselves in each others' arms once again...but, Pic's meddling mother is not going to have any of it.

You'd think she'd learn her lesson to stay out of her GROWN child’s lives by now after she tried, and failed, to break up Drake and Shannon from the first book in this series!! I definitely would not want to have that person as a mother-in-law, she'd be a monster-in-law for sure!!!

Soo, here in lies the problem. Betty Lockhart – Monster-in-law – implants a nuisance into the Double-Barrel Ranch – where Pic resides and also manages – named Zochimilka. A beautiful dark-skinned woman who's on the lookout to be a Mrs. Anyonewhocanstandher !! Ha! Pic seriously just needs to get over his fears of commitment and make an honest woman out of Mandy! You can tell that they're both still very much in love with each other!! :)

I enjoyed reading this story very much, and was glad to have returning characters (Drake and Shannon) once again. I can't wait to get to the bottom of what's going on with Trouble-Troy (youngest brother) and hear his story (if there's going to be one)! I also love how spunky Kate is. I laughed out-loud in the beginning of the book where they made fun of her Pocahontas outfit!

Thank you for gifting me this copy Anna, in exchange for an honest review! I loved it!!

Anna JeffreyAnna Jeffrey is an award-winning author of romance novels as well as romantic comedy/mystery. She has written 9 romance novels and co-authored 7 as USA Today Bestselling author, Dixie Cash. Her most recent book is "The Tycoon."

Her Anna Jeffrey books have won the Write Touch Readers' Award, the Aspen Gold, and the More Than Magic awards. Her books have been finalists in the Colorado Romance Writers award, the Golden Quill and Southern Magic as well as the Write Touch Readers' Award, the Aspen Gold and the More than Magic awards. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Dallas Area Romance Authors and PASIC.

Anna is a fifth generation Texan. She was born and grew up in West Texas, where most of her family members were farmers and ranchers or worked in the oil fields. She left Texas for many years and lived in four of the western states, a rich experience she'll never forget.

She loves most things western, from the customs and culture to the philosophy of life. She enjoys many hobbies, i.e., reading, painting and drawing, crafting, needlework and beading.

These days, she's back home in Texas. She and her husband currently live in Granbury, Texas, a small town not far from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
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