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Release Day Blitz - Touch of Tantra Box Set by Liv Morris + Review.




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 The sizzling Amazon Bestselling Series told in Adam's Point of View

"I take cocky, rich boys like you and teach them how to make love to women until they're barely able to mutter a word. Completely and utterly blissed. That's really what separates the men from the boys, Mr. Kingsley. Sex as an art form versus f**king for a release." - Kathryn.
NYC playboy Adam Kingsley meets his match in Kathryn Declour, a beautiful socialite, and tells their love story in his own words.

Kathryn's passion for an ancient sexual practices mixes with Adam's dark past. Secrets, seduction, and suspense make Adam's Apple a page-turning romance.

"Kathryn's mesmerized me with some kind of tantric magic. I'm bewitched without an ounce of fight left within me. She knows my dilemma, my hesitancy to surrender and loosen the grip I have on my past, and she's won." ~Adam Kingsley

Adam’s Apple (Touch of Tantra Book 1)

Temptation (A Touch of Tantra Novella)

Adam’s Fall (Touch of Tantra Book 2)

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About the Author

Liv Bio    
 Raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Liv Morris now resides in Manhattan with her first and hopefully last husband. She received a degree in communication from the University of Maryland. After relocating eleven times during his corporate career, she qualifies as a professional mover. Learning to bloom where she's planted, Liv brings her moving and life experience to her writing. Liv has published a collection of five short stories in the Love in the City series. Her debut novel, Adam's Apple, was published in July 2013.  

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Entire Series - 5 Stars!


A great novella for the Touch of Tantra series from Kathryn's point of view.

This author definitely knows her way around describing the scenes you read. Trust me when I say this! I loved, loved, looooooved reading how Kathryn met Adam for the first time at her mothers fundraiser. Even though her mother wants to try and set Kathryn up with the big-shot NYC bachelor, she learns he may not be her type at all.

She was warned to stay away, but once she got a look at him, he was like a forbidden fruit she had to have!

It's a very sexy, bite-size read that will have you panting for more!

I look forward to reading book #2 in this great series!!
Adam's Apple
I just want to start out by saying W-O-W! The cover of this book is what initially attracted me to it, very sexy, and then when I read the blurb... I knew I was hooked. It was a very sensual, fun, fast paced read that I didn't want to put down. The fact that it's also told thru the Hero’s perspective is also very neat, different than what I've read lately.

You start off by learning about Adam, the Hero, and how he's this big pompous New York City Playboy. Women flock to him by their knees; they give - he receives. Seems that's the way hes lived his life for years. Recent events have turned his life upside down though, due to one of his college friends Simon, and also business partner deceiving him and the company they both built (along with 2 other friends from College). Suddenly, Simon has all of this hatred and lashes out towards Adam, and he has no idea why.

Then, Adam meets Kathryn. A widowed Tantra teacher with a doctorate in psychology, who has the demeanor of Scarlet O'Hara from Gone with the Wind. I loved her immediately, also loved how the author threw in that she is a Vanderbilt. The Anderson Cooper bit had me rolling. She's a very strong, take no crap from anyone kind of woman who's trying her damnedest to keep her distance from Mr. the surly Mr. Kingsley, but the more he pursues her, he himself begins to change for the better, and she can't help but fall for him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I loved everything! It had all of the essentials for me, 2 people from different worlds finding middle ground to be with each other. All of the characters were very fun and realistic, Ms. Morris did an amazing job for her debut novel! I will definitely recommend this to friends (as I've done so already) and can't wait to read more from her.

Notes I made -

-I like how in this story the Hero's driver wasn't also his super almighty powerful bodyguard. Like in some other books I've read, that character seems to be able to do it all. When Kinglsey actually DID have to have a bodyguard, he hated it and it was hilarious. “Goliath” - Ha!

-I'm totally going to use the line “Who blew sunshine up your ass” now – I've never heard that, it's great LOL.

Kathryn huffs as she looks at me with daggers in her eyes, likely plotting my death” - Adam

I think who I am today has everything to do with you, and actually nothing to do with me” - Adam
The author makes it so easy to fall in love with him, it'd be great if we all had an Adam.

Adam's Fall
This book picks right up where “Adam's Apple” left off, and I LOVED IT! 5 beautiful stars!!

It's suspenseful, very hot/erotic , and extremely well written. Adam and Kathryn will leave you breathless; their feelings for each other were on fire in book 1, but this book, we get deeper. Especially as Adam seems to “grow-up” so to speak and really open up to Kathryn. You don't read too many books where the heroine is older than the hero, and I really dug that about this series.

The “Tantric” side of the book is still something that fascinates me. I think the scenes between Adam and Kathryn were perfectly described, and it was just the right amount of heat. Actually, there was a perfect balance between the sex and the storyline. Not that there's something wrong with a book that has a-lot of “sexy times” , but I do enjoy a good plot line to go along with the smutty goodness! Ha!!

I hate to see this series end, but like they say, “All good things must come to an end.” Ms. Morris couldn't have ended it any better. I always tell people to try an Indie author, because they're like hidden jewels. Pretty much all of the indies that I've read, I've been extremely happy with, and have been recommending this author like crazy since I read her first book a few months back. I'll absolutely be on the look-out for more of her books!

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