Sunday, January 25, 2015

Burned Book Signing - Karen Marie Moning With Special Guests - J.R. Ward And Phil Gigante!

Yesterday I attended the Karen Marie Moning 'Burned' book signing and all I could say was it was FECKING AWESOME!!!!!
She had special guests J.R. Ward and Phil Gigante there to celebrate the release of her new book with her, and let me tell you, when The Warden and KMM are in the same room together, it's so badass. They're an awesome team, you can tell they're close friends.
How awesome would it be if they got together and wrote a series together??! Along with Phil narrating the audio book????? Gah!
I personally have never listened to an audio book, but, listening to him act out some skits yesterday...that's about to change, LOL!
Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday. :)


There I am! Lol


The awesome that is Phil Gigante, greeting his fans!




I was so glad to have an aisle seat.




I loooooooove this woman. 

 J.R. Ward in pink and not black??! She said since it was KMM's event, she didn't want to get in her usual costume.  I thought it was a very flattering color on her. This woman is hilarious and knows how to liven up a crowd!!



 She. Is. Signing. My. Books!!!!! SQUEEEE  


People were camped out the night before, my mom and I arrived a little after 7 AM, and were #109 #110 in line. Not too bad, except for the fact that it was like 20 something degrees and where we were, we were butted up right along side the Ohio River, so it was so brrrrrreeeezy!


 Had to get a signed copy for my bestie Booknatic Sky!!!!

<3 <3

I meant to tell her that I loved her boots, lol.


Phil had said that he was, "Tired of all the friendly poses with people, let's change it up a bit!"


When he came around from behind and wrapped his arms around me, I about died. I wish I had of been clever enough to make an "Oh my" face instead of the dorky cheese face I made, lol!


Can't wait to go to another signing with these awesome fecking people!!!!!


Off to finish BURNED now! :)

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