Sunday, January 11, 2015

Krystle's Thoughts - Christmas in Cancun by KaLyn Cooper - 5 Stars!

Christmas in Cancun
KaLyn Cooper
23526697Blurb -  A sexy, former SEAL and beautiful Mayan anthropologist find more than they bargain for when they team up to complete a decades old family treasure hunt in Cancun. From crystal clear waters to hot, steamy nights, they must work together to escape the danger waiting for them on the Riviera Maya. KaLyn Cooper has penned an exciting, spicy tale of love in the first book of her new, contemporary series, In Cancun. Curl up in your favorite chair and escape to the beautiful Caribbean with Christmas In Cancun.

Busy building a new career with his catamaran company, former SEAL Jack Girard had all but forgotten about his grandfather’s quest to find the golden Mayan goddess statues until his brother’s beautiful widow, Jillian, and adorable daughter, Addison, arrive in Cancun with the research. His need to complete the family mission is almost as strong as his desire for Jillian.

Between raising her daughter alone and finishing her doctorate in Mayan anthropology, Jillian doesn’t have time for a man in her life, although, after mourning for two years, she’s ready for one in her bed.

An underwater Virgin Mary statue and centuries-old manuscripts lead the two of them through the Mayan Riviera and directly into danger.

During steamy Caribbean nights together, will they develop the ability to move on and discover the real treasure is family?


5 Book Rating!

This is my first book by this author, and I really enjoyed it! She writes with vivid detail that makes you think you are there with her characters. That's a job well done in itself!

This story was both heartbreaking and beautiful. A young mother who lost her new husband way too soon, gets invited to spend Christmas in Cancun with family that she's never really gotten to know, since she's only ever met some of them at the funeral.

Upon arrival, Jillian is picked up from the airport by Jack, her late husband Jimmy's slightly older brother. Sexy, sculpted, Navy SEAL brother. * insert sigh * from how the author described Jack, he'd bring any woman to her knees in lust, ha!
How awkward falling for her brother-in-law during a Christmas vacation surrounded by family she doesn't even know, who have already have formed their own opinions – some good and some bad – about her. I have to say that the character Levi was not my favorite in this book! That's for sure! I loved Lily, she was so sweet; and by the looks of it from the end of this book, it looks like we'll get to see what happens with her some time soon!  I thought it was great that a bachelor like Jack took so well to the idea of falling in love with Addison, his niece like she were his own. So rare to find men like that these days. Even though, yes, she's family by blood already with she being his niece, but still.

"No problem, but if our food arrives, I'm not waiting for you. I'm hungry." Fact was she was starved. Not just for food, but for a man. She had been fasting for two years and had been offered a hot steak dinner. - Jillian to Jack. That's hot :)

This story doesn't just offer a steamy romance, it has a lot of ancient Mayan history to go along with it too. A sort of mystery that Jillian, her husbands family, and many other researchers have been trying to solve for a really long time, which then leads to scandal and some suspense, and that kept this story moving at a steady pace. Perfect for any reader and I will definitely recommend this book to friends in the future!

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact andfiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.
Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth fromimagination.
She, her husband, and bird dog live in Eastern Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or paddling on the river. 

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  1. I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for taking the time to write a review. :)
    Yes. Lilly gets her own story in Captivated in Cancun which should be out by summer.
    In the meantime, look for Conquered in Cancun where "Cool Hand" Luke runs into his former girlfriend from flight school. The heat soars for these two pilots, but will Caroline decide to make the Navy a career or return to Cancun and the only man she's ever loved?
    I'm actually glad you didn't like Jack's older brother. He's an uptight corporate exec that needs to let his hair grow out. In Crisis in Cancun he'll face the Mexican version of the mob, which is nothing compared to what the Goth Girl one-night-stand puts him through. :)

    1. HA! Can't wait to see Levi fall apart in that book then :)
      I liked Luke too, so I'll def be checkin that book out!
      You're very welcome for the review KaLyn!