Sunday, May 26, 2013

KMM FAN CHAT: Fever Series: Christian vs Ryodan

And the battle begins!
This is no, "Team Jacob, Team Edward" kiddie stuff! This is real men fighting for a fabulous and strong girl of worth.
 But, as a reader, we are well enveloped into the story, and we all have our different wishes when it comes to love triangles.
 I giggle all the time when I am on Goodreads chatting with different Fever Fans because we are all divided by the man who we wish will ultimately win the heart of Dani Mega O'Malley.
As much as I (Sky) don't want to share Christian, I feel Dani and Christian would make one kick ass team. I know a lot of concerns are the changes he's going through becoming an Unseelie Prince, but we've already seen him struggle between the decisions between the dark and light and he's full aware of what's happening to him which can benefit him in remaining to hold on to what's left of his humanity.
 I have faith his adoration for Dani will pull him through for the better. Maybe I am too much of a hopeless romantic, but I have faith that KMM's genius mind will give him the character development he deserves.
In the comments below, you'll see my opinions of why, but the gist of my feelings is that he's not as strict with her, his powers and her skill combined could be an asset in this war to take back Dublin, and the stronger the bond, they better they could be, his faith in her skill and let's her do as she pleases with no pressure to fight in the midst of the battle as where Ryo holds her back so much, he's overbearing and overprotective, it's almost patronizing and insulting to the strength that this girl really holds!
 I know character development can go both ways with both leading heroes, who knows, maybe Ryo will soften up a bit for those of you who are rooting for him! But I'd rather him be a protector, a brother, of Dani in a non romantic way. Yes, I read it! He has feelings for her, but I am keeping my fingers crossed he comes to a revelation and realizes she can hold up herself, and just be there for her as a friend, a partner in crime.
Can you imagine the things Christian and Dani can do in battle together?! Talk about one hell of a power couple!
Well, that's the start of this debate, stay around and chat with us! You'll see me posting my reasons for wanting Christian to win her heart
Bet you never thought you'd have 2 full grown men duking it out for you, huh, Dani? Pick wisely! ;)


  1. I will have to go w/ Ryo. He has enough patience to wait until she is older. I don't know how long Christian will be able to hold out. He is a bit scary and out of control at the moment. Hopefully he will gain more self control before he hits rock bottom.

    1. That's a really good point! Thank you for posting! I will have to agree with Ryo's patience to wait. It makes me so nervous seeing Christian on the edge, and I often wonder if that's why I am rooting for him to get the girl. He needs saving, himself. It seems when he's around Dani he's quickly reminded what's happening to himself, and that it's beyond his control. He's trying so hard to put up a fight. I am keeping my heart open and fingers crossed he makes it through!

    2. I'm with you MAM!!! I want to see Dani and Ryo end up together. =P I agree with him being patient and seeing her develop into the person he knows she will become, etc etc..

      Altho it is kind of creepy that he has watched her grow up, thinking all along that he'd like to have a piece of that... LOL

  2. Hi! I came across this site when i was on Goodread. Sky you rock! You say everything I was thinking about Christian! Thank you for not making me feel I'm alone with wanted Dani & Christian together.

    I felt Ryodan was a physicaly abusive bully toward Dani. When he have gotten her from Dance's place after she kills a lot of fae at the club and when she thought he had die by the witch he found her at his club. His man handle her (a child) was wrong no matter how hot everyone think he is.

    So Thank you again Sky for not letting me feel that I'm nut for choosing Christian.