Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review : The Tycoon by Anna Jeffrey

First off I would like to thank the author for gifting me with this great read in exchange for a review! I'll admit it's my first western style romance, I've been so caught up in the paranormal romance genre I haven't really sought out to read anything different, and I'm glad I did, change is good... Especially this book, haha!!! I enjoyed it very much, and can't wait for more in this series. =)

You learn about two very independent people, Shannon Piper and Drake Lockhart. Shannon comes from a rough upbringing and didn't really find herself until she broke away from some bad decisions she made in her younger years and Drake had a more “cushy” lifestyle coming from a very wealthy family of ranchers (yep cowboys...tight wranglers.../sigh lol).

Shannon is now a very successful business woman, owning her own real estate company dealing with selling high end homes in the Camden, TX area. Not bad from her ending high school with a GED, getting mixed up in sticky situations, going from odd ball job to bad job, then moving back home to live with her grandmother and getting her real estate license thru night classes at a community college. Once she got her business off the ground she was finally coming into her own and couldn't have been any happier.. Until she met Drake, she didn't need any kind of distractions what so ever. But how do you keep yourself from having a bit of fun, especially when he's so attractive?

Drake Lockhart is the son of Bill Lockhart owner of the Double-Barrel Ranch, founder and CEO of a major real estate investment company, and is no stranger to having lavish women dangling from his arms. Like his current flame Donna, but her view point of life begins with throwing around meaningless words like “fabulous/marvelous”, countless giddy friends who act like spring break is all year round, and ends at the bottom of a martini glass. Something Drake is tiring of since he is now 35 years old, lately now the idea of possibly starting a family and settling down have been becoming more appealing to the cowboy.

These two meet at a charity ball event hosted by the high end of the real estate world. Shannon is excited to be networking among the top of who's who and putting her name out there. She bought herself “The Dress” that makes her absolutely shine, she mingles, she laughs with people she doesn't know.. And then she sees him..

"Her first thought was how different he looked from the others in the room, like a nineteenth century throwback who might walk outside, mount his horse and ride away."
And vice versa
"Drake was taken aback. He had to make himself stop staring at the red-haired woman. She was wearing one of those glittery dresses and in the room's special lighting, she looked like an exquisite emerald."

They have an exciting meeting indeed, followed by an exciting rest of the evening and into the wee morning hours. And just like that she's gone without a trace. Doesn't take him long though to track her down (especially since her face is plastered on a giant billboard in town for her company) since they're both in the same business, and when he does I loved it. As I read it I said allowed, “You are so busted girl”. I even felt embarrassed for her because the author puts her in a tricky situation where Drake has the upper hand LOL. Loved that scene.

Ms. Jeffrey does a great job with this book, she makes you feel all of the emotions the characters are portraying, it's very streamlined, and it has great characters that make everything work! Like I said, can't wait for more. The only thing I wanted to see “more of” would be that I would have loved to of had like an epilogue or maybe she'll carry Shannon and Drake on over to the following books of the series, or maybe I wasn't ready to be done with them and just want more, haha!.... I also liked that the book wasn't told in just Drake and Shannon's point of view, that way you see more of what's going on, more character building for more of what's to come, etc..

I also kept thinking that I could easily see this as a movie/mini-series for the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime Channels.

The Tycoon (Sons of Texas #1)

You're the kind of girl who eats supper, aren't you?” He gave her his best smile. “Anything beyond that is strictly up to you.” - Drake Lockhart


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