Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review : The Pleasure of Your Kiss by Teresa Medeiros

10802108Okay I loved this book, very exotic and sensual setting. The author does an AMAZING job with describing the scenery, weather, everything. You can close your eyes and picture it all so beautifully.
So we have the Hero Ashton Burke who is a man of adventure and has been at it for ten years trying to forget the woman he left behind in England.  **Can’t come out and tell you why, you’ll have to read the book to find out! ** Book starts out with him under a firing squad, seems he made the husband of a beautiful woman he may or may not have bedded pretty upset.. His brother Maximillian ”Lord Dravenwood” steps in and saves his life, in return he needs Ash’s help.. He asks him to go on a quest to rescue his Fiancé  Clarinda Cardew ( who just so happens to be the same woman Ash has been running away from.) and her companion Poppy Montgomery. Their ship has been overrun by pirates ( The Corsairs) whilst they were on their way to meet Max for he and Clarindas nuptials  .
 The Corsairs were known for raiding ships and selling off the women they captured to slave markets. Clarinda and Poppy both thought that they were doomed to that very fate… If they were lucky.. At this sort of underground “Fashionable Showing”  they were stripped of their gowns left wearing nothing but their undergarments. Clarindas beauty captured eye of Sultan Zin al-Faroukes, he then purchased them and they were taken to his palace where Clarinda was to be his “guest”. She would then be trained by women who once served his father in his harem; the ways of pleasuring a man, and how to receive it before he made her one of his many wives….
He saved their lives in many ways. I couldn’t imagine how it would be for women in that situation back then.. *Shivers*
Ashton and his companion Luca are welcomed into the palace with open arms , since they saved the Sultan from being ambushed out in the desert while he was out riding. ***Hmmm have some sneaky stuff going on if Farouke was sent out in the desert and was suddenly ambushed.. Obviously someone back at his palace doesn’t want him around …
They had been keeping him under surveillance trying to figure out a way to infiltrate palace when they saw a oppurtunity present itself. It would have been foolish not to have taken it right? They dispatched the assailants and were granted safe haven. Ash couldn’t believe his eyes after they arrived back at the Sultans palace altho he called it his ”Humble Home”. There stood Clarinda all dressed in fine silks looking like a goddess.
 Despite what you might think about Farouke being a high and mighty powerful Sultan with many wives and concubines, he did have feelings for Clarinda and was only doing what he knew because that was their custom.
I love Poppy in this book, she is such a bubbly and goofy woman in which I can relate to very well LOL! She is head over heals for the Sultan too btw. Clarinda and Ash definitely have some Smexy – Chemistry as well.
There’s Lust, Mystery, Deceit, Comedy, and a certain Wittiness in this book that made me fall in love with all of these characters. Looooved it, another great book from this author!

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