Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review : The Temptation of Your Touch by Teresa Medeiros

The Temptation of Your Touch
Poor Maximillian seems to be having the worst of luck. First he gets jilted at the alter by the woman he’s longed for since childhood for his younger brother. Then while in a drunken stupor he defends his new sister in laws honor by challenging a man to a duel when he hears him defile her good name.
What’s a man of propriety to do when stripped of his pride, but get away from the gossip in the city and take on managing the most remote property in his family’s extensive holdings out in the country. Cadgwyck Manor comes fully and incompetently staffed, with its greatest boon of all, its own ghost! Score! What he wasn’t prepared for tho, was the witty housekeeper, Anne.
The staff and housekeeper do not like newcomers in their home, especially when they’ve had their minds set on a certain endeavor for quite a while.. They’ve had great success with sending all the other Lords who’ve come to live at the manor out the door with no problem. One by scaring the wits out of him and the other met his untimely demise. They never exptected hard headed Maximillian Burke. This man can not be shaken by their clever attempts make the shamble of a manor seem haunted.
Teresa Medeiros does not disappoint with this Historical Romance. She dazzles you with such detail you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time and are watching everything she writes down come to life. What a great follow up to “The Pleasure of Your Kiss”. **I loved the cameos Ashton and Clarinda made in this book as well!!**

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