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A Booknatic Hangout: Shadow of Hope by Tina Pollick and Elizabeth Rose

*Hidden away in an undisclosed oak tree, Krystle, Sky, and other friends prepare the setting for their weekly hangout to talk about their latest reads. The lively sound of laughter and chimes of wine glasses fill the air around them. The birds are perched in the boughs that surround the cozy house, with a joyful song that seemingly drifts in with the warm breeze through the open windows. A blissful night with friends couldn’t get any better!*

Sky: Alright ladies!  Tonight, Krystle and I would love to start the night with a special book. Tina Pollick and Elizabeth Rose were kind enough to give us an early read of their debut novel as co-authors, and we’ve been eager to share it with you guys!

Krystle: *takes a seat next to Sky on the sofa and nods as she takes a sip from her wine*  You guys are going to love this!

 Sky: The book starts of mysteriously, with a woman and her ‘chosen ones’.  They call her Mother. Mother claims to hold the vessel of Humanity’s Last Hope. Though is sounds cryptic, she explains to her men in hoods, they are chosen for their special abilities to guard and protect it at all costs. There will be a time when humanity will be in danger, though she not exactly sure when, she knows it’s bound to be soon.

Krystle: The whole thing is brilliant, really.  It has a mixture of different religions and beliefs. Wiccan, Christian, etc,.

Sky: and even Greek Mythology!
*Almost in harmony, the girls all let out a fascinated “Ooo!”*

Krystle: Sounds like Sky got her Mythology fix! *laughs*

Sky: *in mid sip of her wine, nods enthusiastically*

*giggles all around*

Krystle: It was a fantastic idea, the whole Wicca party of it, haven't read many "witchy" type of books really, though I do love any show related to witchcraft. Fun. I love any kind of Greek god added to any book. I am so hooked!

 Sky: For any fans of either genre, you will not be left disappointed with the characters and their abilities. We also have a few more hunks to add to the book boyfriend list, but I’ve claimed Lucian!

Krystle: I claim Evan!

Sky: *laughs*

 Friend 1: Wait a minute! No way, there’s no claiming anyone till we all get a good read!

Friend 2: Yeah, aren’t you ladies running out of space in your book boyfriend vault? Give those guys some room to breathe!

Sky: Hmmm, we’ll work on trades later *winks* Maybe...
*deviously takes a sip of her wine, a big one*

 Krystle: So who was your favorite characters, and who are you staking your claim on?

Sky: Lucian! Hands down.
I have to admit that I felt awful for Lucian the whole story. He gave up his previous life, and you can just feel the regret with almost every scene, as he often wondered what life could have been like if he wasn’t in servitude of such an evil man. He’s heroic, intelligent, and handsome *winks*

 Krystle: Yes, I did feel badly for Lucian, tricked into his life by Aries. *frowns*

Sky: Man oh man, I sympathized for him the entire time. He dreamt of the “What if’s” always stuck in enslavement for a malevolent man, to never be treated with respect, always feeling undeserving.

 Friend 2: So who captured him?

 Sky: Not that he was captured or anything, but he was tricked into a life to serve the God of War. Aries. Lucian was one of the hooded men chosen by The Mother to guard the vessel.

 Krystle: He was lounging about by an old tree, when Aries approached him. And Aries was *not* in the mood to be cheerful. Trust me.

 Sky: Was absolutely pissed off at the Mother, and he was going to do anything it took to get that vessel from her guard. And he does so, by starting with persuading Lucian to join him, to turn his back on his brothers. Lucian Agrees, and both are set off for the mission. The mother, brings the vessel to Aphrodite to take and hide with it after a series of attacks have been made on her men. Shortly after, that's when we are taken to Chicago, modern day.

 Krystle: Here, we meet Zoe, who works for a vet and is the current protector of the “Gateway”. Although, at the time she has no clue. All she knows is that she wears a locket around her neck that has sentimental value to her. After her mother's death, her father sent her to be raised by her mother’s siblings (a coven of Wiccans), out in the country in their farm house.

Sky: At some point, after Aries and Lucian finally managed to get their hands on the vessel from the Mother, and realize it's not as simple as attaining the vessel. They soon realize they will also need the key to the gateway. Another mission Aries and Lucian are sought off to accomplish.

Krystle: One night after work, Zoe notices something isn't right and sees she's about to be ambushed by one of Aries and Lucian. She gets away from him only to be manhandled by another man, Evan, a Templar, and once in the safey of the house, he admits to being her life long protector as well.

Sky: Manhandled *dreamy sigh*

Krystle: *laughs and nudges Sky playfully with her elbow* Back off, chick. Don’t you forget who owns the keys to his shackles!

 Sky: Don’t forget who has a copy of that key!

 Krystle: *gasps, playfully astonished* Woman! No more chocolate for you!

Sky: *Falls back laughing, spilling some wine on her blouse* Gah! Dangit!

Krystle: That's clearly a sign you are in the wrong!

Sky: Nothing a Greek God can't fix for me. That's why I keep them around! *snaps her fingers playfully beckoning a Book boyfriend*

Friend 3:  Oh, was I not supposed to make a copy of the master key I found?  Well, I am not giving it back. I had a peek of Evan too, and I am so not giving this baby up.

*the girls all giggle wildly*

 Krystle: You know, if they ever did a movie for this or something, I could see Evan as kind of a skinnier type of Chris Hemsworth... at least his deep voice.... *laughs*

 Sky: I’ll never see you again if that were the case, you’d have that shit on repeat! I see it now! *laughs*

 Krystle: Go Thor Go!!! *laughs again* Really though, I liked Evan. He was bound to his duties and was loyal to them without question and how he kept Zoe’s ass in check a few times when she was all, Me, Me, Me.

 Sky: I agree! I felt for his struggle between making his grandfather proud of keeping his duties in check and battling the emotions he felt for Zoe after all those years he watched her grow up. What were your thoughts on Zoe?

 Krystle: I would have liked to see more of Zoe learning how to hone in on her powers throughout the book. This was my first "Witchy/Wiccan" type of read and I really like the idea of it. After she learns how to master them I'm sure she'd be a pretty bad-ass Wiccan. What did you think about her relationship with her father?

Sky: I was a tad emotional when it came to their scenes together. I could identify with Zoe and her emotions easily as she let her father back in her life. I can imagine the surprise she felt as she saw him standing at the front door, wanting to kill Evan for inviting him. *chuckles loudly* But all in all, I rooted for them the entire time. What other characters did you like?

 Krystle: Also liked the two Coven sisters Crystal and Daisy. They seemed cute and goofy…

 Sky: Agreed. For older chicks, they certainly were badass! What about Zoe’s and Evans relationship? It was so rocky at first. Then we are mind blown in the end.

Krystle: Oh, I know, right! She and Evan had an extremely heavy case of a Love/Hate relationship, but I am glad it worked out in the end.

Sky: Talk about one hell of a power couple, eh?

Friend 2: Ugh. This already sounds interesting. Sounds like a good world buildup and I can tell the characters stuck with you guys, must really be a great read.

Friend 1: Yes! A good relationship with the characters is so important. You both are practically glowing gushing about them!

Sky: Indeed! Every character plays such a vital part in this story. I really appreciate that, and there are no loose ends! Each character has a significance to thicken the plot and heighten the adventure.

 Krystle: Yes! It had strong character building with a lot of back story. Doesn’t leave you questioning anything in between.

Sky: I just know you guys will enjoy this story. The authors really did a great job with stringing together an epic tale with their knowledge and research on such an extensive genre.  

 Krystle: Definitely, a job very well done!

 Friend 2: *pulls out her Kindle* Count me in. What’s it called again?

 Krystle: Shadow of Hope by Tina Pollick and Elizabeth Rose

*Friend 3 and 1 pull out their Kindles, as well*

 Sky: *flashes the screen of her Kindle to the others*



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