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Author Spotlight! Tina Pollick and Beth Rose.

Seated on some comfy sofas at the local bookstore, there was plenty of coffee, questions, laughter, and chocolate to go around. . .

* Krystle- Tina, Elizabeth, Thank you both so much for joining us this evening!!

* Sky- Awwwh, you guys are so great for doing this! It'll be so much fun!

                                                                                        Everyone greets each other with a hug

* Tina- Oh you guys, stop it! You're making me blush!!

* Elizabeth- She's right, knock it out!!!

* Sky- Okay, Okay! (unwraps a Hershey's Bliss and pops it into her mouth) So let's get this started shall we?! So ladies, since you're both chocolate connoisseurs which do you prefer? Milk, white or dark ? :)

* Elizabeth- This is funny. I LOVE chocolate, but I prefer white milk, LOL

* Tina- Me too!

* Krystle- (laughs) I love it all I think! (grabs a piece of chocolate from the coffee table) So what inspired you two to become authors?

* Elizabeth- A writer I’ve been since I was young, but it was Tina who introduced me to the concept of getting published professionally. So I would have to say she was my inspiration. :3

* Tina- Awww… (Tina hugs Elizabeth) Elizabeth is being modest. She helped my first novel GABRIEL and she’s a freaking awesome author! As for me… I always wanted to write a book, I had a summer off so I did, but not without the help of a great support group!

* Sky- You do have a pretty big group of fans on your Facebook and Twitter account Tina, good for you! I'm working on a few things myself, maybe you can show me the ropes some day of being published as well Tina.

* Tina- Sure thing!

* Elizabeth- (nodding her head) If anyone can help you it's her.

* Sky- (smiles) Thanks guys. So, tell us a little bit about the book, and will there be a sequel to “Shadow of Hope”?

* Tina- SOH is a paranormal romance with some action. As far as sequels… ;)

* Krystle- It did have a good amount of action in it, you guys write your fight scenes out so well.

* Elizabeth- Thank you very much! We had a lot of fun writing this.

* Krystle- Do your characters speak to you guys in your dreams, or do you dream up any ideas in general?

* Elizabeth- Usually when I do drink chocolate milk, I get weird dreams that make good stories, LOL

*Tina- SOH was inspired by a picture, but usually no. Maybe I should drink some chocolate milk? *laughs*

* Sky- (laughs) Hmmmm Elizabeth, are you putting a little something extra in your late night chocolate milks? *Eyeballs her drink in a mocking manner*

* Elizabeth- (grabs her mug) Hey now!!!

                                                                                        Everyone bursts into laughter

* Tina- Are you holding out on us Elizabeth?

* Elizabeth- I most certainly am not!

* Krystle- You guys crack me up..... Hey Elizabeth, make sure you write your special concoction down for us when we're done...

                                                                                         More laughter fills the area

* Sky- So, inspired by a picture you say? If this picture has the inspiration for Lucian in it, I have GOT to see this (winks). Do you plan to write another book together? How do you make it all work? Did you both write while you were physically together or separate, like via E-mail, Skype, Google+?

* Tina- Elizabeth has read and edited GABRIEL and she's a straight shooter. I knew if I ever was going to write a book it would be with her. SoH was written together, or every other chapter. We kept in contact through email, Skype, and the occasional phone call. We work really well together. I had a time frame I wanted to have this project completed by and Elizabeth was on board.

* Sky- Awesome! I certainly noticed the remarkable chemistry between the two of you as I was reading. Hey Krys, maybe one of these days you and I will make a go of something like that. (elbows Krystle in the side)

* Krystle- Anything's possible! Oh the things we can come up with, I'm sure once we got on a roll with an idea/story we'd start laughing... And never stop, then by the time we'd get it published the reader would probably say, “What is wrong with these crazy ladies?” (laughs) Speaking of readers, do your husbands read the books that you write?

* Elizabeth- I’m single at the moment. My last BF was kind of a jerk at times, so I’ve been playing keep away for now, LOL

* Tina- No. My husband is not a reader, but I do read to him sometimes when I’ve written something that cracks me up.

* Krystle- I can imagine that Tina, you come up with some pretty funny lines. Your book “Gabriel” had me rolling at times!

* Tina- (smiles) Thank you!

* Sky- Writing is something near and dear to me, I can't wait to get some of my ideas out there for the world to read. (sighs) To be able to leave my job and write full time would be a D-R-E-A-M!!! Would either of you leave your career to write full time?

* Elizabeth- If I could make enough to live on, yes. In a heartbeat.

* Tina- Working on it now!

* Sky- Well, keep it up! I have complete faith in the two of you! Like a wise man once said, “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” *pops a piece of chocolate in her mouth and pouts a little after realizing it’s the last*

* Krystle- (nods) That would be pretty stellar. Making your own hours, going about things in a leisurely manner, not having to worry about getting up early to work all day at one job, to just get home and do more work with something you're more passionate about, like writing. I bet you both are just exhausted and happy to have this book finished!..

* Elizabeth- You can say that again (holds up her coffee cup for a round of cheers).

* Sky- Who are your favorite author/ types of books do you like to read?

* Elizabeth- I like the traditional types of romances by authors like Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Margaret Mitchell. I also like Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, and Nicholas Sparks. I like Amy Tan’s work also. I like fantasies with strong women, or written by strong women role models, like Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffery.  

* Tina- I’m a paranormal girl. Kenyon and Sands are two of my favorites.

* Both Sky and Krystle- (sigh) Jane Austen, nothing like her.

* Sky- Those all sound really good and right up our alley of favorite authors as well.

* Krystle- Yup, right now I'm on a huge paranormal-romance kick! (laughs) I can't get enough! Do you guys focus on writing one book at a time, or do you have a lot of projects going on at once?

* Elizabeth- I’m just starting out, so more than one book is out of the question until I can figure out what the hell I’m doing, LOL

* Tina- I have so many irons in the fire, I have new burns daily.

* Sky: Seriously, Tina. You’ve been on a roll lately! I can’t wait to see what deliciousness you whip up next!

* Krystle- You both are hysterical, no wonder you have such great chemistry together!!

* Sky- No kidding, I could sit and listen to you both talk all day, while eating some scrumptious chocolate... (goes to grab another piece from Tina’s pile of chocolate)

* Tina- Hey now, give me some of those!

                                                            Everyone else takes some more of her yummy chocolates.

* Sky- *dabs some drool from the side of her mouth* Phew. So good. How long does it take you both to write a book, from jotting out ideas – editing phase – to finished?

* Tina- I wrote my first in 8 weeks, it was a full novel. This novella around 40K was done in about 3 ½ weeks.

* Elizabeth- I can’t honestly answer this, as I had a co-author my first time around. Until I complete a solo manuscript, there’s no way to tell.

* Sky- Dang. That’s impressive, Tina! Elizabeth, I’ll be happily anticipating your solo debut!

* Both Tina and Elizabeth- Thank you.

* Krystle- Do you like to write with music playing in the background, or is it more distracting?

* Elizabeth- Music is a must, LOL

* Tina- I’m just starting to listen to music, but I’ve found I write better with background noise.

* Krystle- (laughs) Music is a must on so many occasions isn't it Elizabeth? I'd be lost without it! But I'm not sure I'd be able to write with it, knowing myself, I'd probably start to type out whatever they're singing. Or just make up each paragraph with what's going on in each song.. One chapter would probably be made up of about 12 different ideas/settings depending on how many tracks the CD had!

                                                                              Everyone leans back in their sofas laughing

* Sky- I think I change my mind about you and I working together Krys...

* Krystle- (playfully punches Sky in the shoulder) Oh whatever, you hush!

* Elizabeth- Sky, I think you're right. (laughs)

* Sky- Oh you know I'm just kidding! Maybe..Okay ladies, what hobbies do you like to get into when you're not working on a book?

* Elizabeth- When I’m not at work, I like to read and write. I play with my dogs Bard and Blade also. And my cat…well you know how cats are, right? LOL

* Tina- Hobbies? LOL I have kids, a farm, a full time job and a husband… I do like to take pictures, but I don’t do it as often as I’d like.

* Krystle- (snickers) Well Elizabeth, if your cats are anything like mine, they'll have you up at all hours of the night DYING to play with you!! I swear, they're 3 years old and you'd still think that they were kittens!! I love the names you picked out for your dogs though!

* Sky- It's true, she's always posting pictures of her cats waking her up around 3 AM, bringing her their toys wanting to play fetch. Might be miserable for her, but for the rest of us it's hilarious! I think we're all animal lovers here! I have an adorable dog named Harley and a cat named Peeka, love them both to death!! Tina has my dream home though, I may have to move in with her!

* Krystle- Tina I love all the updates you post on Facebook with your farm and animals. The photos of the little baby chickens were so cute!!! I especially love seeing all of the Swag you collect for us fans!

* Tina- Aww, Thanks! I have a TON of fun with all of it, the Fun Facebook Friday events are a huge hit and always make me laugh with everyone's responses. I'm so glad everyone enjoys it as much as I do!

* Sky- Now ladies, this is a very very important question... Who are your book boyfriends? :)

* Elizabeth- Hm. This is a hard question. Overall I would say Durnik from David Edding’s Belgariad series. I mean c’mon girls, a hot blacksmith who does sorcery as well? *dreamy sigh*

* Tina- I don’t have any… *slinks away*

                                                                                 Everyone just about falls over laughing

* Sky- Sure Tina, uh huh......I was going to claim Lucian as my new book boyfriend but…

      (Krystle steps on Sky’s foot under the table and Tina and Elizabeth let out a small cough)

* Sky- Uhhhh *giggles and waves at the readers* Just sayin’!

* Krystle- Girl, as long as you don't steal my Book Boyfriend, you're alright.. (winks) Aww, thanks a lot for hanging out with us and answering our questions you guys! This has made my day!!

* Sky- (nods) Yes, this means so much to us that you guys took the time out of your busy schedules for us! Thanks!!!!

* Both Tina and Elizabeth- Thank you for having us!

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