Saturday, June 15, 2013

Author Spotlight! E.C. Adams

E.C.'s office.

* Krystle - Thanks for inviting us out to your beautiful beach house and answering our questions E.C.!!

* E.C. - It's my pleasure!! Please, ask away.

Krystle and Sky set the blanket down on the beach while E.C. Gets some beverages out of the cooler

* Sky – Wow, not only is the view here amazing...But the eye candy here is also just very ....... (looks at the men playing beach volleyball)

* Krystle- Damn... I don't know how you get any writing done (shakes head)

* E.C. - /waves arms in front of both Krystle and Sky's faces... Girls, focus, remember me?!

* Sky – Gah! Sorry Krystle and I are easily distracted .. Now where was I..Oh! So E.C. Have you always wanted to write Urban Fantasy, and what or who inspired you to become a writer?

* E.C. - I always liked to write. As a kid, I'd write the most ludicrous essays and get the best grades. Then I started studying law, and became "all serious" and my creative side got snuffed out, if you know what I mean. It was only when I took a break from my career to focus on my expanding family that my love for creative writing was rekindled. "The Vampire Code" started planning itself out inside my head, so then I started writing it. But I stopped writing for about a year, or more, because I was working again and couldn't find the time to write too. Then earlier this year I started working on it again, and I was determined to finish it, and I did.

* Krystle- That's awesome, I bet that felt really good to finally finish it!

A volleyball lands nearby and Sky quickly serves it back to the group of guys

* Sky- Did you see that? I think they did that on purpose to get our attention. As if they needed to do that! (laughs) Studying law, raising a family, and getting a book published! Phew, you sound like you have your work cut out for you!!

* E.C.- I wouldn't have it any other way!

* Krystle- Wow, you are a busy person! Would you leave your current career to write full time?

* E.C.- I am almost tempted to say, “Yes”. But I like what I do (I work as a lawyer). It fulfills me, and sometimes it's quite an adrenaline rush.

* Sky- You should seriously receive an award or a medal for being so dedicated with your family, work, and passion for writing, very inspiring!

E.C. Blushes, looks out at the ocean and takes a sip of her wine.

* E.C.- Thank you, that means so much.

*Sky- (while following E.C.'s gaze) Did you and your family move to Malta due to work or pleasure? Looks absolutely gorgeous where you live, I'm sure a lot of your fans are jealous!!

* E.C.- It's a lovely island, yes, and a great place to raise a family. I was born here, although I lived in other countries over the years. So Malta was always "home".

* Krystle- You know, if you ever need a full time nanny...... I'm sure I can work something out!! (winks)

Laughter all around.

* Krystle- Okay let's get back to your book! So tell us a little about it, will it be in a series of books? If so how many more are going to go with it?

* E.C.- Ahhh... if only I knew. Originally, I thought I'd write a trilogy, but now I'm thinking in terms of a series. There are so many different characters in the Fiscard vampire family, that a series is very doable. Having said that, I'm trying to keep my writing career as my "creative endeavor", so I don't want to plan too much and end up snuffing out my creative side again.

* Sky- I doubt that will happen. Sounds like you're off to a great start, just keep it light and always be sure that you are having F-U-N!! You can always tell when an author makes this out to be like a job that he/she doesn't want to wake up for in the mornings, and writes a book just to get it out there and make that dollar..

Everyone nods their heads in agreement with that statement.

* E.C.- Awwwh, thanks a lot Sky!

* Krystle- Yeah, I hear that... So how long did it take you to write “The Vampire Code”?

* E.C.- I started it in 2010, and worked on it for something like 6 months, then stopped for 1 and a half years, and finished it in another 3 months or so. So I'd say 9 months total. But don't freak out - I plan to write Books 2 and 3 in 2013. Now I know what I need to do, so it's easier. When I started writing "The Vampire Code", I was still learning how to write, experimenting with style and voice, and "finding my feet", for want of a better word. Now I know who I am, as a writer, and (I hope) I'll write faster.

* Krystle- Dang! To have all those ideas in your head that whole time, I bet it really DID feel good to sit back, relax and say, “The End!” Pretty neat that you're able to get books 2 & 3 out so soon! Way to be confident (High-Fives E.C.)

* E.C.- (Has a big grin on her face) Thank you! Changing the subject for a minute, did you girls notice that the guys quit their game and are now working on starting a fire.. (raises eyebrows up at us) Maybe when we're done here we can move our party and join theirs.

Sky and Krystle simultaneously say, “Okay!!”

* E.C.- (laughs)

* Sky- How did you go about choosing the model for your cover art, etc..

* E.C.- It was love at first sight. I cannot explain it. I always had a very clear idea of what Aurora looked like, but I never came across the perfect model to represent her. Then, I saw this girl and I started screaming!!! I made a video some days ago explaining how I created my book cover with my book cover artist. It's only a minute long. Here's the link to it --

* Sky- That's so fun! We both love collecting books for their artwork.

* Krystle- And now for a very important question.... Who is your Book Boyfriend? *Waggles Eyebrows*

* E.C.- That would have to be Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Acheron" or "Savitar". I know you said book boyfriend not boyfriends, but hey... they're HOT!
* Sky- Hey, there's nothing wrong with having a harem of hot men at your disposal!! Krystle and I have our lists written out as well.. If only our fiction boyfriends would just come to life... /dreamy sigh

* E.C.- No kidding! That would definitely make life interesting!! Can you imagine growing up and having your first book boyfriend crush coming to life in your bedroom under your parents roof!?!

Everyone bursts out in laughter

* Krystle- Oh man, how would we explain that... Ummmmm yeah mom, dad, this is my …. friend.. There's nothing to see here!! I promise!!! Oh god, that'd be so embarrassing, but so amazing at the same time! LOL

* Sky- I'm pretty sure that's probably the look I gave my parents a few times if they interrupted me while I was reading!!

Everyone falls backwards with full belly laughs.

* E.C.- So true!!! (continues laughing)

* Krystle- Phew, I think this wine is really getting to us !! Okay back to the task at hand...again! What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of writing?

* E.C.- I like to read (of course). I love going places where life is different to the life I know, and everything is possible, and I can only do that through a good book. I also like to cook and entertain friends at home, but writing is THE HOBBY.

* Sky- Oh you're doing a fine job entertaining us here! (claps) These appetizers are delicious as well! I think I'll be moving in right after Krystle does. (winks)

* E.C.- The more the merrier, there's plenty of room and I have plenty for you to do, errr ...Yeah! (giggles)

* Sky- Hey! I heard that... So do you ask your husband for input with your writing/does he read your work?

* E.C.- Noooooo. No way. I only let him read "The Vampire Code" when the proofs arrived in the mail. Then I said: "This is it. Enjoy!" and he read it in two sessions, which is his personal record. He's the sort of man who'd rather read three different newspapers, one after the other, than fiction. I guess what they say about opposites attracting, must be true.

* Krystle- He's a good man! And how could he not like it right?! You're right tho, there is someone out there for everyone. Out of all of the books you've read, pick 3 that are your favorite.

* E.C.- I'm going to classify them according to periods in my life:
When I was a Young Adult: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
When I was a New Adult: "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon
Now that I'm an Adult: "Lover Awakened" by J.R. Ward

* Sky- Great choices, gotta have the essentials. Great way to classify them too.. Pride and Prejudice is just a C-L-A-S-S-I-C. Everyone must read this at some point or another, or at least watch the movies, it's a great story.

* Krystle- Yes, it truly is, and Outlander has been on my to read list forever too. Seems like that mountain just keeps getting higher (laughs). Sky and I both love, love, looooove J.R. Ward!!!

* Sky- Oh yeah, we're total fan-girls for her! We even got her latest book “Lover at Last” signed!!

* E.C.- Oooh wow! That's so amazing, you lucky Bishes! And Krystle, that to read mountain you mentioned... Don't worry hon, it will never....ever. Get smaller, you will always find more books to keep piling up on it! I know I do!

* Krystle- I'm finding this out every day! (laughs)

* Sky- I really am going to have to get the recipe from you for these little crab tartlets, those are really good! Okay, After a long day of work plus writing, what do you do to wind down?

* E.C.- I read. It's the only thing that relaxes me, besides a massage and facial at the spa. That works too. (winks)

*Sky and Krystle- Hear Hear!! (raises wine glasses)

* Sky- I think both of those would actually make this mini vacation complete! Hmmm, we should all go get one tomorrow before Krys and I have to head back to the states!

* E.C.- I was hoping you'd say that! I know just the place.

* Krystle- Awesome! Okay now time to let your geek flag fly E.C.....Star Wars or Star Trek...or neither?

* E.C.- STAR TREK forever! I used to watch the series as a teenager and I can't wait to watch the last one they made!

* Sky- Wooot! A Trekkie!

* Krystle- (laughs) Cool! You'll really like the new one, it was so good!! Captain Kirk... (dreamy sigh)

* Sky- Well, Ms. Adams, Krystle and I are both very humbled that you took the time out of your busy busy schedule, invited us out to your home and spent the weekend with us. It truly was a pleasure. Please, don't hesitate to ask us for anything. Especially if you need me to go tell those hunks over there that they're being too loud, or that they need to share the fire they started.. (winks)

* Krystle- Yes, this was a lot of fun! Anything you need, just ask! And Sky.... help me pack up our blanket and snacks. You're right, they do need to share that fire!

The girls pack up their things and move on down the beach to join up with the guys..

**The next weekend, E.C. And her family took a mini vacation, here's a short, very sweet video of how it turned out!**

Malta is so beautiful!!!


  1. Thanks Kry and Sky - what fun we had!

  2. Hey how come I didn'tget invited? I would have loved a weekend on the beach and a spa day..

    Oh well I really hope you two had fun at the fire with the boys ;-)

    I loved The Vampire Code and can't wait for bks 2 or 3! :-D

    1. You're so coming with us next time Heather! Plenty of beach hotties for all of us :)

      Good to hear, I'm waiting for it to be delivered via the Traveling Book from Katya's group!:)