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Review by Krystle - Gabriel by Tina Pollick

In this story you meet and fall in love with the ever learning of how to use sarcasm – Archangel Gabriel. Who long ago, he and his brothers were in charge of keeping watch of the prisoners they were holding “The Kematians”, winged-demon like creatures who are Hell bent on destroying all of humankind. Then suddenly an earthquake destroys their prison and they escape. Now Archangel Gabriel and his brothers must separate and hunt them down all over again. Gabriel who was on duty during the time of their escape of course feels responsible and now carries this burden heavily on his shoulders feeling as tho he's failed his brothers and their “Almighty Father”.

Our Heroine Calla is an ER nurse, who one night walking home after her shift see's a man in an alley (Gabriel) needing assistance. Naturally her instincts to help kick in and when she rolls him over, she see's that he's unconscious and has been stabbed by some sort of green glowing knife, (the “Nex Addo – which later we find out is an Angel killing blade”). After she gets it out of him she has to stop the wound from bleeding. Here we find out Calla isn't just a normal human being. – Ooooh neat!!! – After she heals him with everything she has, she passes out from exhaustion. When Gabriel awakens (miraculously, since he knew what he was stabbed with) and finds this woman laying on top of him he knows he's only alive thanks to her. Seeing as how he can't leave his savior alone and unconscious in an alley, he takes her with him. When she wakes up, their conversation was pretty comical and eventually they part ways. This whole book had a lot of snarky humor from Calla! I Love that! Makes me think that this is how the author could talk to some of her friends ha!

Then when Calla gets an up close and personal greeting from one of these demons she knows she's in a world of trouble. Even tho Gabriel and Calla haven't known each other long at all, he knows deep in his heart that this woman is his soul mate, so when he felt her life force fading away he hurried to where she was. He see's that she's been bitten and that the poison from the Kematian flows within her. Giving her his gift of life he's able to keep her alive, but can't stop the transition that's already started to take place. – Later on with this scene I got some flashbacks of Regan from “The Exorcist”, I loved it.

I like how the story started out, getting the history between the Archangels and the Kematians. Then when we come into the present seeing how Gabriel adjusts with the change in time and people, he has a heck of a time learning how to tell when people are being sarcastic and using it back with them. Poor guy, haha!

There's a lot of characters to get to know in this story, and they all make it work really well.
They were all favorites but I really want to know more about Michael /wink, can't wait to read his story (if he's getting one) he's very alpha and mysterious.

I Actually felt like I read a much longer book than what it really was. Ms. Pollick did a great job with this plot and leading it up to the end. I loved the fight scenes, humor, and the twist of how some of the Kamatians were once human, was pretty neat.

Can't wait for more!

A line from the book that I really liked!

“Nice to meet you, Gabriel. If you're the reason my friend dies ' your ass is grass, and I'm the lawnmower” - Sam … I've never heard that saying and I died laughing after reading it, hahaha!
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