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Review by Sky: The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning

This is the book that practically started the Booknatics. Krystle and I would gush for hours on end about the characters and the stories behind them. The last book I had ever obsessed over was Harry Potter. And though I've read many, many, books over the years since then, it always stuck close to my heart! I don't think my love for that series could ever be replaced, but... I'm all grown up now and sometimes, we fall just a little harder for certain things. ;) There is a whole new place in my heart designated only for this series. I'm crazy about it! I feel like I talk about the characters everyday now, as if they were real people LOL. Karen Moning is simply amazing, just beyond talented in the way she molds a kick-ass world for us to live in away from the crappy non-fictional planet we seem to be stuck on *rolls eyes*
Here’s my first review I’ve done for this series. At the end, I combined my 2nd review for another part of the series.  One of these days, I am going to have to re-write it all when I have a clear head, the rush I get thinking about this series is deep LOL!
If you haven’t read this series now, and are a paranormal romance fan, this is a must read, oh trust me, please! What’s written on the pages is so hot it sizzles!

The raw review straight after reading the book:How do I put this... o.m.g... Wanna talk about fever? I now feel Feverfever when I am under withdrawals of Moning's fabulous and sexy world of...Fever... 0_0

An awesome friend of mine advised I read this series. I am so glad I did! I have found this series to be overwhelmingly addictive. It contains a little bit of every genre, which makes it for an exciting read. It’s naughty, mysterious, magical and edge of your seat thrilling. Karen Marie Moning’s style of writing warps you into her magical world and wraps you up so tightly, that you may forget your surroundings till the very last page.  When even then you’re left to wanting to quickly get on with the next book. This is a novel written in first person by a girl named Mackayla Lane. Mac, for short, goes to seek revenge and get the straight facts about the murder of her sister, Alina, in Dublin Ireland. Only, when she gets there, questions aren’t being answered, instead, Mac is overwhelmed stumbling upon confusing clues and people. Afraid, she almost gives up, until, she met the oh so enigmatic, tall dark and handsome man who will leave you asking yourself, “Edward Cullen who?” “Twilight what?” “Oh, this is definitely not Young Adult…Is it hot in here?”
This mysterious man “rescues” Mac from the soon to be named Dark Zones -as dubbed by Mac- (Forgotten areas of Dublin of which the shadow creatures who dwell in the darkness, have taken over, and will devour anything that comes across those streets, humans, rolling leaves, worms, anything) and as soon as he realizes and explains to her, her abilities as a Sidhe-Seer, ( a person who can see the Fae, but also a Null, who can touch Faes to freeze them and able to kill them) he offers-forces really- her to live in his books and bauble shop, in exchange of Mac becoming his divining rod so to speak, to find a mysterious evil book and relics.

 This is another one of my favorite, favorite books for the amazing thrill it takes us on. Thank you, so much Moning for such an amazing series!!!
I do not want to add too much more to this review. There are so many funny and witty lines, and over the top sexy moments, that it is just best left unsaid to discover on your own. Have fun!
***I do not advise anyone under the age of 18 to read this series… For it does get a little heated, in some  really abnormal like ways… ***

The character development in this series is seamless. The transition we experience with Mac, is beautiful. We witness Mac as a careless, boy-crazy, materialistic girl and then suddenly thrown into a world she'd never thought to exist after going to Ireland to find answers about her sisters death. After meeting an enigmatic man named Jericho Barrons, she learns more about who she is and what exactly her sister was looking for, and then is off to hunt a dark and evil book to help restore the walls between our world and the Fae’s coming down. She learns she is the most powerful Sidhe-Seer, and it is up to her to sense the where-abouts of this book and get to it before the evil Lord Master.

It was tough for her to accept her new world at first, everything she never believed in, was actually so very real. Everything pink and girly about Mac, melted away and a new and very dark Mac emerged. She witnessed death, stolen beauty, learned what vengeance feels like, saw the most evil occurrences that proved to her, that she needs to be a fighter, the world is in trouble, and she plays the biggest part and must do what she must to save the human life. She finds her self in so much trouble on this adventure, so many thrills, and now a cliff hanger! This is the best I can do without spoiling anything! I wish everybody would read this series

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