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Review by Sky: Inhale (Just Breathe Series #1) by Kendall Grey

I have to start off by mentioning this stunning cover. I was flipping around in the free Kindle section per usual, and as much as I hate to admit it, the cover drew me in like a fish on a hook. The picture alone conveys a story, leaving you with curiosity and a wish to discover the story her expression withholds. Besides my poetic love for art, the colors make the cover even more enchanting! So, down to the synopsis I go. Here, I see key words such as, “Elementals”, “The Dreaming”, and “Biologist”, a story that is paranormal AND revolves around animals/aquatic life? I knew I was in for a special adventure.
So, in advanced, I apologize for the long review, I enjoyed it so much and there's so much to touch! I hope I can give you a little insight before you step into the book for less confusion.

Secondly, this book is not intended for anyone under 18+ to read! Naughty scenes ahead!

Honestly, the synopsis alone had me. I was not expecting sex to be honest, as I did not read reviews beforehand.

What I really liked about this story is the world building and likable characters. Although, as a lot of people have stated that the start of the book is slow and takes time to grasp and get in the groove of as there is a full glossary to learn to fully understand the story as you go, it has at least earned the acknowledgment of being a completely refreshing paranormal premise with a unique race and an exceptional adventure. Two lovers who meet in a dream, one knowingly of the reality of the dream, the other blinded by the ignorance of fantasy.

Inhale (Just Breathe, #1)It's said that when a human falls asleep and enters the Dreaming they all have a duty to protect the world keep it balance as Wylding's and Sentinels (Guardians assigned to different Wylding's). These races hold powers of Water and Fyre (the good and the bad). The Fyre's are invading the Dreaming in large numbers and are slowly taking over.

Wylding's are not supposed to remember what they dream, but have rare occasions where lucid dreamers are completely aware but only to think of it as a dream and nothing more. I'll get to a little bit of that here in a few!

Every character you come across in this story has dynamic personalities, traits that a reader can truly fall for. They are flawed, giving them a real feel for the reader. Character after character of being introduced to, you'll be pulled in deeper and deeper into this world of Elementals and Dreaming!

The two main characters, Gavin and Zoe, are complete strangers on two entirely different sides of the planet and both are entirely different in personalities. Both hold a cold, rough past that has shaped them to be who they are today, yet were destined to be together.

Gavin is a all-out rock star and in a popular Australian rock band which he also writes for, and Zoe's a brave, sincere, dedicated and geeky, yet tough-as-nails woman.

Whereas Zoe strives and betters herself by following her heart and commits all her time and love into her career as a Marine Biologist, tagging and rescuing whales off the Hervey Bay, Gavin is completely out of control, pained from losing the love of his life, the one girl he was assigned to protect in The Dreaming. Who doesn't love a passionate, strong and talented musical hotty?

When Zoe starts having odd dreams about swimming after a whale whom she once felt responsible for the death of her calf, she knew something deep down inside was changing, something not normal. She can speak to whales  for goodness sake! She then begins to dream of dangerous and far fetched things.... and a perfect tattooed man...

Then we are introduced to Gavin, who then receives his  newest assignment as Sentinel. Zoe Morgan. Skeptical about getting back to work in the Dreaming after his loss, and his sacrifice, he goes on anyways, albeit not in high spirits... Ultimately, he takes into consideration that the Dreaming is in danger, and his life duty is to protect it from the Fyre's...even though he gave up his Water after the loss of his love...

Gavin's guard is let down and is proven to be romantic at heart, and protective as he steps into Zoe's dream bubble for the first time and is instantly captivated by her beauty and the sincerity of her dreams.
Shaking it off, not allowing him self to put another girl in danger, he brushes the emotions off, he can't let her know he's real, Sentinels rule, no romancing their "assignment" in Realis. He refuses to give her his name when they meet in the dream, and names her Muse. (He finds himself finally having the motivation to write for his band again after meeting her, it's absolutely adorable!) That doesn't last so long though...he caves into the carnal desire after Zoe lusts and pushes herself onto him each time they meet in the dreaming. He reasons with himself, that as long as she doesn't know the he actually's okay to give in *laughs hysterically*

It's hilarious how Zoe's career-dedicated-life gets in the way of her dating and social life so bad that when she starts to see Mr. Perfect in her dreams, she laughs to herself thinking she's so pathetic and deprived of male affection for sure. So, she takes advantage of these "dreams" and does UNTHINKABLE--HOT things to Gavin, not knowing that he's indeed a real, live and breathing man on the total opposite side of the planet!
Scarlett, the bitch antagonist from hell... literally I bet...finds out of the two lovebirds, and realizes how much it dampens her plans to take over the Dreaming. Zoe is taking what's her's and is off to put a stop to it.
Having sex with Sentinels/Other Wylding's replenishes and adds to a each other's power and Scarlett will not allow anyone to get her in her way. In many ways, I think jealousy is also another motive behind her cruel intentions towards Zoe. She's been using Gavin for sex for years in the shape of another woman to build her Fyre stronger and stronger.

Other thoughts:
  • Gavin and Zoe are the dynamic-duo, beating baddies together
  • When is Zoe ever going to find out this is all real?? That her Mr. Perfect is real, he's not JUST a dream! AH!
  • I seriously want to smack Scarlett so hard. Back off, betch!
  • Can I have Gavin as my own book boyfriend?!
  • I love how Zoe ends up finding excuses to take a nap to recreate and continue where Perfect (as she's named him) and her left off. Steamy sex on the beach, and other exciting places. She can't believe how real it feels when she wakes up. Kinky huh?
  • The ancient Aboriginal Yileen was the perfect mediator in the story. Old friend to Gavin, and is in the know about Scarlett and her malevolent intentions and hints to Gavin and Zoe about grave danger.

I gave this book a FULL 5 stars!
( I am likely to change the review here and there. After sitting and thinking about a book longer, I realize I may have left out some of the most vital things! Hope this helps for now. =)

You can get this series in Paperback or Kindle edition

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