Thursday, October 17, 2013

Krystle's Review : The Christmas Wish (Novella) by Katy Regnery

The Christmas Wish
Katy Regnery
Expected Release - November 1, 2013
Waitress Tess Branson has earned a bad reputation, and the nickname “Fast Tessie,” as result of her poor judgement where men are concerned. She learned from a young age that men – of all ages – were only interested in one thing, which has made Tess distrustful even though she yearns for love.

Lucas Flynn, the short order cook at the restaurant where Tess works, has just been released on parole. After committing a terrible crime and losing someone he loved, he’s trying to get his life back on track. The last thing he needs is to get tangled up with a kind, pretty waitress who has problems of her own.

Tess makes a wish on a star one wintry night, but it's going to take a heap of Christmas magic to help it come true!

I was asked to read this novella in exchange for an honest review, and I truly adored it!
This is a very sweet novella by Katy Regnery, and if you've read By Proxy, you'll be glad to hear mention of some familiar characters!!

Tess “Tessie” Branson is a waitress at the local diner, who's past has earned her the nickname “Fast Tessie”. She's no stranger to being used and tossed aside by men, and since she's never opened her heart to any of them, that was always okay. Until one night, when Tess has a rough night at work with some customers and their snarky mouths, she heads outside sans jacket to cool off under the stars in the cool mountain air, and is joined by the short-order cook, Lucas.

Lucas has worked there for 4 months since his release from prison, and he's noticed Tess, but hasn't spoken to her. Figuring he has nothing to offer her as an ex-con, why bother? He noticed that she hurried outside without her coat, so he requests to go on break in order to see that she's alright after the mishap with the jerks and take her her coat. At the end of their conversation not only does she notice that he's genuinely being 'nice' to her and maintaining eye contact to her actual eyes, and not her breasts, he asks her to do a pretty off the wall thing. For a tough guy at least =P

Make a wish on a star before you come in,” he said softly, without turning to face her.

It's Christmastime. It might come true.”

This is Ms. Regnery's second book I've read and once again, I loved it. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, I couldn't help but smile as I read it. Also doesn't hurt that I am a holiday freak and I love Christmas. Might have to make her books yearly reads around that time of year!

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  1. Awesome review I have read Katy's first book too and it was amazing. So I am sure this new one will be amazing too I too am a Christmas freak and love Christmas books:)


    1. Made me want to get all of my Christmas stuff out and start decking the halls, LOL !!! =)
      Thanks Toni !