Thursday, May 29, 2014

Review by Sky: Master of the Island Master of the Island by Lauren Hawkeye
Prequel to the Invitation to Eden series
Length: Short story
My Rating: 5 Stars

Master of the Island is a prequel to the series “Invitation to Eden” --- a series that I am genuinely disappointed at myself for not finding sooner! The series consists of a different installment each written by another author, a brilliant and creative concept!

This particular “prequel” was short in length – four chapters – but definitely was enough to get my curiosity piqued about this mysterious and broken Greek man with a marred face named Theodosius Vardalos.

Mr. V-- as dubbed by a young lady named Joely who seriously reminds me of Kaylee Frye from the show “Firefly” for some reason?! -- purchases an island near the Bermuda Triangle six months prior to the rest of the story. Joley comes into the picture when Theo is bantering back and forth with the charter employee at the private hanger after finding out his scheduled pilot called out sick and there’s no one else available to fly him to his new getaway-- the getaway he’d been vying for for months to seek refuge from gawking eyes and his broken past.

Joely offers to fly him out there herself. He was skeptical at first, but desperate enough to take her on the offer. Upon arrival to the island, things get a little interesting to say the least.

That’s where I should leave it since it is a short snippet. But ah-my-gosh, lemme tell ya, it’s h-a-w-t!
I can easily admit that the ending left me wanting more; more about this lively, jubilant yet enigmatic Joely, more about the mysterious incident in the thicket of the forests when Mr. V awoke the next morning, and even more so, wanting to dig into his past to discover what in the hell happened to him?!

Luckily, there is an entire series out there finished and ready to be in my hands and read!
If you haven’t read the series before the release of this prequel such as I, this was definitely a little something delicious to begin with. And hey, maybe we can read the series together, yeah? Let’s go!

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