Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sky's Review: Impostor's Kiss by Renea Mason

Impostor's Kiss, by Renea Mason (Book .5 of the "Symphony of Light" series)

Blurb: One night of sexual pleasure could teach a lesson in love.

Cyril is weary from weeks of traveling the Scottish moors, but his luck takes a turn when he rescues a battered and broken child. To express his gratitude, the boy’s father offers Cyril a night of carnal indulgence with his eldest daughter. Cyril graciously accepts, looking forward to a night of sexual release to ease the loneliness of his travels.

But what the supernatural sex god and deliverer of souls doesn’t expect is to be taught a lesson in love from the young and beautiful Celestine.

In a night of passion, two lost spirits find solace in an impostor’s kiss: one longing for a love that doesn’t yet exist, the other drowning in pain and guilt over love lost. Neither is what they seem…but what they learn will change them forever…

Sky's Thoughts: Cyril is one hell of an alpha male in this story; heroic, sexy, but oh so sentimental—it just melts my heart. Cyril is a man of many talents—some supernatural—and was created in the eyes of his goddess for sexual perfection; and if I say so myself, I would have to say she did a job well done. 
While on a long journey one day, Cyril and his men stumbled upon a child who needed rescue. On returning the boy to his father to their popular tavern, Cyril was offered a night of passion with his daughter in exchange for his heroic deed. However, no matter how much his body craves the attention from a beautiful woman, there’s just one issue that may hinder his ability to take on this delicious offer. 
For the last three-hundred years—the last time he had been reincarnated-- Cyril has feared losing the image of a woman he believes is the love of his existence. Her face haunts his dreams, she’s in everything he sees, every woman he meets and he is positive they will once again be reunited. Until then, he cannot love anyone else, he won’t allow it. 
When Cyril is finally introduced to the daughter, Celestine, he makes a decision that had my heart falling right into his lap. This is where I will leave you, the reader, to see what happens next—it is so much more heart-filling when reading. Will his weakness deepen their heartaches, or will their hearts come together to give each other strength in a time of mourning? 

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