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Interview with Scott D. Southard, author of Permanent Spring Showers!

Everyone, say hello to Mr. Southard! This is his second appearance on our blog and I couldn't be more excited! He's the author of, A Jane Austen Day Dream, My Problem with Doors, and many more fun titles. Today, we are going to talk a little about his new release, Permanent Spring showers and get to know him a little more. So, sit down, grab a drink, and hang out with us for a bit! 
Also, make sure to stick around to see who the lucky winner of  a personal, autographed copy of his new release is! Comment below to be added to the draw! 

Sky: Welcome back to our blog, I'm thrilled to have 
another opportunity to chat with you!
The last time we spoke, it was about your novel, A Jane Austen Daydream. Have you revisited some of those characters lately or maybe thought of working on any other stories inspired by her? The way you channeled her voice through that story was phenomenal!
Scott: Thanks! I’m so glad you liked it. I’ve had this question a few times, but sadly I see A Jane Austen Daydream very much as a complete story. To continue the story of “my” Jane would be to take her completely out of the realm of historical fiction and out of her world.  It may seem weird to say this, but it feels like I would have been taking too many liberties with Ms. Austen.
Honestly, I’ve never been the kind of writer to think about sequels. Usually, if I have more ideas I try to rope them into the main story I am working on. I have found when writers start a book thinking it is only one book in a series they pull their punches, saving their best twists and turns for a future book that might not happen. Nay, I just want to write the best book possible.

Sky: That’s a very wise concern to keep in mind, and if those twists and turns are so inspiring, they could make that one story all the more powerful in case the future is unclear.
Scott: Of course, that is not to say someday I might not write a trilogy of some sort (I am a fan of Tolkien and it would be wonderful to do something for YA readers). And Jane Austen is still around in my head. There is a big reference to Darcy in my new novel Permanent Spring Showers. So there you go.

Sky: From the magic of your imagination that  I have witnessed in your current work,  I strongly believe you have what it takes to write a fantastic YA series, I would love to one day maybe hear that you have!

I definitely caught that reference and it made my heart SOAR! hahaha
Now about this amazing new piece of work you have brought to life, what inspired the New-Reality idea for Permanent Spring Showers? It's so fun and devious!
Scott: New-Reality Fiction is an idea I’ve been considering for quite some time. Originally, it was going to be its own work, following an author trying to change his entire world into a novel, and how it doesn't work out as he had hoped. It never got past the note stage though.
Who knows? Maybe it is inspired a little by the odd choices that James Frey did in A Million Little Pieces since he had no problem changing his life story for the benefit of his book (and make him look good).

Permanent Spring Showers is loosely based on a screenplay I wrote years and years ago (it actually is what got me accepted in grad school at the University of Southern California back then). Of course, by the second chapter it is very much its own story. I’m really proud of the final book. New-Reality Fiction was not part of the original script. I needed a hook to explain the character of Jenn (beyond her hair color that she changes with her mood). Of course, Jenn is very subtle about it. It’s all about dropping an idea and seeing what happens; like dropping a rock in water and watching the waves spread out.

Sky:  I love when that happens-- you may plan to write one idea and it just grows into a bigger picture with more depth. Do you plan on writing another book based off of New-Reality again? *crosses fingers*
Scott: No, not at this time. But don’t worry, I do have other ideas I am really proud of on the way. There is always an interesting “quirk” in each of my novels (it is typically the spark that inspires me).

Sky: That quirk is what keeps me so hooked, I can’t wait!

Scott: For example, My Problem With Doors is definitely a new twist on the time travel story, and Megan is about the fantasies we have in our head (of course in hers she is a superhero and a princess). Both those books are out in print and eBook as well, published by I Publish Press. You should check them out.
Sky: Historical adventures, I am all about this--and I want to meet Megan, I’ll totally be her sidekick lol!

I am always so intrigued to see what you write next, your style and worlds are so addictive and surely a favorite of mine, so I have to ask! Are there any new books of yours in the works that we could look forward to soon?
Scott: The new book I am working on is very special to me. It’s not ready to escape yet. It is still stewing in the pot.

Sky: Completely understandable--sometimes the stories closer to our heart need more time to put more love into it.
Scott: I do have a new novel I hope to find an agent or publisher for down the road (so I have some query letters in my future with a lot of crossed fingers, I'm always looking for opportunities for my books). That one is called Cassandra on the Island. I like to compare it to an impressionist painting, but about a person’s entire life and second chances. A big part of it is the idea of finding little magic in life. Probably easiest the most beautiful of my novels.
Hopefully we will be able to talk about it in the future.
Sky: I have a feeling it will be a great book that many could relate to and be inspired by so I will definitely be crossing my fingers for you and wish you some luck! I will definitely be hoping we can catch up once you get the good news. ;-D

Sky: Now, a little more about yourself!
If you weren't a writer--a sad thought for us fans-- what other occupations have you dreamed of as a career?
Scott: Actually, when I went to college it was on a jazz music scholarship! I used to play saxophone (alto and soprano). I dreamed then of being Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, but I quickly realized while in college that I had went as far as I could. My solos always sounded like I was repeating myself. It was not meant to be.

Sky: That is awesome, seriously--the fact that you can play the saxaphone makes you a star in my book. The more we talk, the more I see why I like you and your work so much!
Scott: Music is a big influence on my writing, so in many ways music has never left me. And many of my stories are tempered by what I am listening to at the time. For example, with Permanent Spring Showers I could only listen to Fiona Apple. Seriously, the story wouldn’t work unless she was on in the background.

So if the creativity wasn’t there around my writing, I’m sure I would have been trying to do something around music. I can’t escape it.

Sky: Oh wow, I am thinking back onto some of the scenes from your book and imagining one of her albums playing in the background, I can totally see it now!
I think this also calls for a sooner-than-planned re-read of Permanent Spring Showers and a couple Fiona Apple C.D.s to wind me down after work today ;-D
In fact, maybe our readers can join in on the fun after the interview! And maybe while they grab your book, they can take a visit to your websites. Where can they go online to connect with you and find more of your current work?
Scott: There are quite a few places where people can find me. The first is my blog, “The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard” at sdsouthard. I try to write on the site two or so times a week (and I write about all subjects), plus I share updates on my work.You can learn about everything there, including my other novels.
I also do the book reviews for my local NPR station (WKAR). I appear on their radio show Current State every other week with a new review. It’s great since now only do I get a chance to share new books with the listeners, I also get to talk about classic writers and novels important to me.

Sky: This is where my jaw drops yet once again, lol! That has to be the funnest, most fulfilling gigs, ever.
Scott: After that you can find me on Facebook (, Twitter (@SDSouthard) and Pinterest. All of my books can be found on Amazon as well.

Sky: Thank you so, so much for visiting us again, it has been so much fun learning even more about you, and as always, hope to see you again! Also, my fingers will be perma-crossed until Cassandra on the Island gets picked up by a publisher. xx

Below is a blurb for Permanent Spring Showers and a review!

Blurb: Professor Rebecca Stanley-Wilson is having a very bad season. Her husband has just admitted to having an affair. And it was with one of her students.

Blame it on a desire for revenge (or way too much alcohol), she then has had one of her own. Unfortunately for her, her affair was with one of the great upcoming painters of his generation. The ramifications of that one torrid evening will not only be felt across her life but over the entire art world.

Sexy, funny, and very surprising, Permanent Spring Showers is the tale of one very memorable springtime and how it impacts a group of unique artists and dreamers. From the writer who is creating a new literary movement (through outright manipulation) to the hopeful Olympian with the failing marriage to the romantic wondering what he did wrong to drive his love from him, each tale walks the line between reality and fantasy. And waiting at the end of the line is a very important painting… and possibly the revolver used in the Lincoln Assassination.

Sky's Review: With a cast of lively, artistic characters and a spin so hard it will leave your eyes wide and jaw hanging until the very last word.
Each set of characters in this book all seems to be a part of a bigger plan, a movement, if you will. A variety of authors and artists alike are manipulating the people around them to achieve the bigger picture--even marriages aren't off limits in this scheme! The premise of this so called plan, reminds me a lot of the devious mastermind producers behind your favorite reality show--in fact, that’s exactly what it is, but in a new and upcoming genre in literature called, “New-Reality” 
In order to achieve the desired effect, the “author” goes out into the world and finds a suitable “character”, one that may be easily manipulated and they begin to do their best to direct the characters life into something that would be entertaining once on paper. The author may become a part of the characters life to easier attain the control, may it be as a spouse, a friend, and even family. 

Not everyone has an easy time though, guilt is strong in one of our characters, and possible actual love. 
All around, I feel this story will stick with me forever as I have never read anything like it and each character in this story felt so real, that I had found myself attaching to them and their emotions! Standing ovation to Mr. Southard for a brilliant piece of work

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